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    Friday, July 14, 2017

    LOOK: BBM’s demand for a vote recount finally allowed by Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court, which acts as the presidential Electoral Tribunal, finally former senator Bongbong Marcos’ request for an electoral recount for the vice president position in three pilot provinces of Iloilo, Camarines Sur, and Negros Oriental.

    After paying a total amount of P66 million pesos to officially pursue his request for the recounting of votes, Bongbong Marcos cannot contain his happiness. 

    Claiming that the provinces had considerably big rates for “under-votes”, BBM asserted that if accurately recounted there would be enough votes for him to outdo the 260,000 vote advantage VP Robredo had against him.

    “It is clear that the justices are interested to proceed with the revision and counting of votes. They want a speedy resolution to finally know the real results of the election,” Marcos said in a news conference Tuesday.

    The former senator also added that: “The SC has made an anticipatory move for revision. They even showed the gym where the revisions will be held. The tribunal is ready for the main event where we will argue on issues.”

    Affirming BBM’s supposition for electoral discrepancy during last year’s elections, George Garcia who is the lawyer of Marcos claimed that almost half a million votes are missing from the vice-presidential race.

    “Where did they go?” Garcia questioned.

    The Supreme Court held a preliminary conference to discuss details regarding the said electoral protest. Among those who were present during the initial hearing were: Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa, the ponente of the case, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Associate Justices Teresita Leonardo -De Castro, Lucas Bersamin, Marvic Leonen and Samuel Martires.

    Prior to the preliminary conference, BBM had already filed a motion to “decrypt and print the ballot image from the Secure Digital (SD) cards and/or data storage devices from each of the 36,465 protested clustered precincts in the contested areas”.

    When asked about the next step to be undertaken by the protesting party, Atty. Garcia explained that:

    “We [speaking on behalf of BBM’s party] are given five days to submit in writing our position on issues raised. Then the SC will rule on the issues maybe until next week. By mid-August we expect the collection of ballots from the three provinces and revision will start in September,” Garcia stated.

    Source: Manila Times

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