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    Monday, July 17, 2017

    LOOK: Aquino denies responsibility over Mamasapano incident

    “The complaints [filed against me] miserably failed to show or even remotely establish how the doctrine of command responsibility may be applicable here,” former President Benigno Aquino III claimed in his counter-affidavit submitted to the Ombudsman.

    The affidavit is in connection to the existing complaint for reckless imprudence resulting in multiple homicide filed against the former president by the bereaved families of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos who died during the botched Mamasapano operation also known as ‘Oplan Exodus’ last 2015.

    Denying the idea of “command responsibility”, Noynoy Aquino pinned all the blame to SAF director Getulio Napeñas who, according to Aquino’s affidavit, took charge of the operation.

    Former President Noynoy Aquino also broke his silence in his official statement and said his only fault was to trust Napeñas to handle the operation.

    Defending himself, Aquino claimed that he had been fed with “false inaccurate and misleading” information by Napeñas. That given, Aquino asserted that he cannot be held liable for reckless imprudence especially because Napeñas misled him into thinking that “the operation was foolproof and that the military had been coordinated with and mobilized to back up the beleaguered elite cops.”

    “Respondent Napeñas never informed me that he did not coordinate with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). At this point, he could have appealed to me as the Chief Executive that he was not getting the necessary support; in which case, I could have immediately ordered and directed the conduct of reinforcement measures,” Aquino claimed.

    “I can only surmise that he realized the magnitude of his gross and willful insubordination and that the very contingency that I cautioned and warned him about was actually happening,” added the former president.

    “Therefore, in as much as I was not given the real and complete picture of the real situation, how could I have been expected to determine the best course of action and direct the conduct of reinforcements and/or rescue operations, when I was provided insufficient and wrong information?”

    The former president also asserted that there were several factors that contributed to the Mamasapano carnage. Some significant factors include: deficient planning, defective execution of the operation, and lack of coordination with the AFP.

    “Based on the foregoing… the proximate cause of the failure of ‘Oplan Exodus’ and the unnecessary loss of lives of dedicated young police officers was not my purported involvement and/or participation in ‘Oplan Exodus,’–but rather, the poor planning, defective execution and lack of coordination with the AFP,” Aquino emphasized concluding his innocence.

    Meanwhile, Aquino expressed his sentiments to the bereaved families of the SAF soldiers hoping for them to find comfort in knowing that the cops’ deaths were not in vain. Aquino even cautioned the families about certain individuals who are “taking advantage of their plight “to reopen wounds for their own personal motives.”

    Source: Inquirer

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