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    Wednesday, July 12, 2017

    LOOK: Journalist cite reasons why Philippines needs a less idiotic opposition

    An administration won’t be complete without it having a distinguished opposition who plays an equally important role in shaping a country’s future. Although their major role is to “oppose” an existing administration, their ulterior objective is to pursue development and betterment by marching parallel with the incumbent government only in a different yet efficient manner distinct from the alternatives imposed by the current regime.

    This illustrates a healthy administration-opposition relationship which was discussed by Jun Avelino, a journalist and a distinguished political critic in one of his write-ups. Avelino, in the said post described how the current political opposition in the Philippines basically comprised by the Liberal, Akbayan, and Magdalo party lists, deviates from their intrinsic duty.

    “They [referring to the opposition] have been engaged in political assassination, destabilization and all forms of demonic machinations to paint Duterte government evil…But…Has the opposition portrayed itself as a better alternative to the Duterte government? Have they offered something better than what the Duterte administration is doing?” claimed Avelino.

    Prior to this statement, the critic enumerated a number of “accomplishments” made by the opposition which was presented sarcastically by Avelino. Some of which includes their attempt to debunk Martial Law, their call to hamper Duterte’s war on drugs, used human rights violations to refute Duterte’s cause, and basically tried to oust Duterte from office.

    “Yes! The opposition of this country is a grave disappointment and a massive failure one year after Digong became President!” claimed Avelino fervently.

    Avelino, then continued with his speculations against the allegiance of several opposing political forces. The journalist started by pointing out the Liberal Party and its so-called “identity crisis”.

    “The Liberal Party which professes to be the leading face of the opposition has an identity problem. In the lower house for instance, the Liberal party supports the administration,” Avelino stated citing Lagman, Baguilat, et al. as the “noisy” barkers of the opposition in the lower chamber.

    “In the upper chamber, LP takes on the role of the minority with only Pangilinan, Drillon, Aquino and De Lima as members. Trillanes is from Magdalo while Hontiveros is from Akbayan. But both joined LP to comprise the opposition in the upper chamber out of convenience,” Avelino added.

    Given the merger between two oppositional political forces, Avelino then characterized the Liberal Party as a “whore” who used its lower chamber to “masquerade” the defeated opposition members in the upper political chamber.

    “Clearly, LP is acting like a political whore who prostituted itself in the lower house in exchange for powers while masquerading as opposition leader in the upper chamber after being kicked out from the majority,” wrote Avelino.

    The journalist then justified his claim by characterizing one by one the major flaws committed by the forefronts of the opposition.

    “Trillanes has been acting more of a political mad dog than as a Senator…De Lima, is considered as politically rotten vegetable for her likely long stay in jail on drug charges, her political career is dead…." Avelino wrote.

    "Bam Aquino is as useless as Risa Hontiveros in the Senate for exposing their ignorance on vital issues besetting the country….Drillon and Pangilinan are full blooded yellows and are not expected to work with the Duterte government as opposition,” described Avelino.

    Given all these shortcomings and irregularities on the part of the Philippines’ political opposition, Avelino concluded that the LP, Akbayan and Magdala together with their stalwarts should not be called as “political oppositions” since they are more of an “entertainer” than an authentic political alternative.

    “The LP, Akbayan and Magdalo groups have inflicted more than enough damage in our country’s politics, and hence, should cease being called as the political opposition in this country. Henceforth, they should be caged as nothing like political pets which will be treated as bunch of entertainers for their nonsense posturing and comical scripts in the country’s politics.”

    Avelino also emphasized that the opposition comprised of the three above-stated political parties are indeed “rotten” and must be replaced or else, the Filipinos will be fed up to their failures and will be urged to “wholeheartedly” embrace the authoritarian rule imposed by President Duterte.

    “Let the real opposition replace these rotten ones in the name of change. Otherwise the continued failure of the opposition will push the Filipino people into embracing an authoritarian rule by Duterte with open arms and legs,” Avelino ended.

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