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    Saturday, July 1, 2017

    Is Leni really incapable of sending her daughter to Harvard?

    "With the pledged SALN of only P8 Million with no other source of income aside from her salary as Philippines’ Vice President, where will Leni Robredo get the funds to support her daughter Aika’s Harvard education which costs around P5 Million per annum and that’s for a span of 4-5 years."

    That was the focus of speculation posted on Facebook by netizen Rocky Gaskell Nuyda. Given that Leni Robredo is a public official, Nuyda claimed that she deserves to be speculated on this significant monetary concern.

    “Something that requires an explanation only because she is a public official…Her daughter’s Harvard tuition is P5 million a year; Her official Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SALN) is P8 million; As VP she has no other source of income except her salary; As public official, the constitution prohibits her from receiving outside finances, gifts, endowments, personal grants, etc. from anyone gov’t or private; As far as a loan is concerned, what bank will lend you 5 million a year on a VP’s salary,” wrote Nuyda on Tuesday.

    Given the facts stated above, Nuyda furthered his speculation and posed the biggest question regarding the controversy.

    ”HOW IS SHE GOING TO AFFORD A TUITION FEE OF 5 MILLION PESOS ANNUALLY FOR 4-5 YEARS IF HER NET ASSETS STAND AT 8 MILLION ONLY? (that includes her house, car, stocks, and some cash),” Nuyda questioned.

    Nuyda also cited a previous case involving PNP Chief de la Rosa being tagged by the Ombudsman to “explain” the controversial free plane tickets and accommodations granted to him by Senator Manny Pacquiao during the senator’s boxing fight in US. This, as how Nuyda puts it, is because the constitution prohibits any government official to receive freebies from any entities - be it public or private.

    “..remember PNP chief Bato de la Rosa was required by the office of the Ombudsman to explain the free plane tickets and hotel accommodations given by Manny Pacquiao to watch his fight in the US? That’s bec under the constitution, as a gov’t official you are not allowed to receive freebies to avoid return favors,” Nuyda explained.

    Expressing what urged him to post a speculative Facebook post as this one, Nuyda wrote:


    Nuyda also tried to nullify the defense of Robredo’s supporters about a so-called “scholarship” grant which is yet to be given to Aika Robredo. Unconvinced, Nuyda wrote in his post as an addendum:

    “…sa mga supporters ni Leni na dumedepensa na scholarship daw at free tuition, eto isipin nyo. Nung nag apply sa Harvard si Aika at pumayag si Leni, wala pang scholarship na pinaguusapan nung mga sandaling yun pero may budget na si Leni. Syempre ina-assume nila na full tuition ang babayaran (P5 million). So ang tanong saan source binabalak ni Leni huhugutin yun? Samantalang P8 million lang ang SALN.”

    Concluding his post, Nuyda stood firm with his claim that the uncertain “scholarship” grant for Aika does not absolve Leni from this controversial issue. After all, as how Nuyda had put it, if the “pending” scholarship becomes unapproved, does Leni still have the capacity to send her daughter to Aika?

    “Therefore wag nang gamitin yan scholarship na yan, kasi unang una, pending pa ung request nay an, pangalawa kung hindi ma-approve, saan nga kukunin ang pera,” Nuyda concluded.

    Source: Facebook
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