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    Friday, July 14, 2017

    International law expert lectures Yellows: "They are far from the concept of a healthy opposition"

    With more than a year being in office, President Rodrigo Duterte has not, even for once, been freed from speculations and criticisms audaciously fired by his adversaries-the opposition, fronted by the Liberal Party often referred to as the “yellows” or “yellowtards”.

    One of the countless allies of the President, who had never lost enthusiasm to defend the Chief Executive against such criticisms, was Attorney Paula Defensor Knack, an International Law expert.

    In one of her Facebook posts, Atty. Knack pointed out the opposition’s ignorance on certain political must-haves necessary for them to function as a “sound” and “healthy” opposition.

    Given this inadequacy, Knack in her post, laid out certain premises that concretize her grounds in coming up to such conclusion. Starting her speculative post, Knack wrote that:

    “Robredo and Hontiveros and those never heard of analysts, do not have the requisite integrity and mastery of law and policy that is required by an informed opposition for democracy to properly function.”

    Following her statement was an imposition where Atty. Knack attacked the opposition not only for their ignorance but for their unresolved controversies as well.

    “The noisiest in mainstream media are often the dumbest in law. Their track records are either absent or lack integrity. They cannot even clear their names from charges of bribery by syndicates or malversation. The unexplained wealth angle revealed by the SALNS is appalling,” Knack speculated.

    Also affixed in the said Facebook post by Knack was a mid-length text embedded on a photo. The note contains the sentiments of the attorney regarding the numerous shortcomings of the opposition of which, according to Knack’s implication, should be addressed accordingly.

    “I encourage informed opposition to Duterte grounded on mastery of Constitutional and Criminal Law,” wrote Knack implying that she welcomes criticisms so long as they are founded on concrete constitutional grounds.

    “BUT,” Knack continued, “I oppose yellows destabilizing the country and attempting to oust him WITH THEIR SINISTER GOAL to prevent their prosecution for systematic graft and corruption and plunder backed by COA findings.”

    The note is not also absolved of the martial law issue, which is blatantly being defied by the opposition.  Wanting the opposition to stop comparing Duterte’s martial law proclamation from that of Marcos, Atty. Knack wrote:

    “I also oppose comparing the current limited martial law against terrorists with Marcos’ martial law against communists and subversives. The factual bases are not the same. To understand the difference, you must be educated on global counterterrorism and jurisprudence.”

    All these speculations boil down to Knack’s single conclusion wary of the “yellows”. As how Atty. Knack had put it on her post:

    “…they [referring to the yellows] are far from the concept of a healthy opposition.”

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