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    Sunday, July 2, 2017

    READ: In a span of one year, what did VP Leni accomplish?

    President Rodrgio Roa Duterte had recently marked his first year as the Chief Executive of the Philippines. With that, Duterte became a subject of criticism (positive and negative) as to what really did he, as the president accomplish throughout his first year in office. What the public seemed to have forgotten was the fact that together with Duterte, Vice President Leni Robredo as well, is celebrating her initial year in office.

    It can be recalled that initially, Vice President Robredo has been given the position as chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council but has resigned shortly after rumors about her being urged to “desist from attending Cabinet meetings” sprang up.

    Just recently, President Duterte “affirmed” that should he become unable to finish his term as president, Leni Robredo will surely assume his post as successor. That however, seems unlikely because Senator Bongbong Marcos is incessantly pursuing his electoral protest against the vice president.

    Going back to the main discourse of explaining what Robredo had accomplished over her first year in office, a statement from Robredo’s office recalled the vice president’s inaugural speech where she chose to highlight the “importance of inclusive growth, of working together to aid those in the margins, and most importantly, named six key advocacy areas she hoped to focus on during her term.”

    Focusing on hunger and nutrition, public education, universal healthcare, rural development, women empowerment, and housing and human resettlements, Robredo came up with her flagship program “Angat Buhay: Partnerships Against Poverty,” which aids people in the “laylayan” or fringes of the society. The said program was emphasized in Robredo’s accomplishment report which was released publicly last Friday.

    Through the said program VP Leni Robredo claimed that she was able to visit “more than 80 communities around the country to consult with residents on what programs would help them best.”

    Leni Robredo’s Angat Buhay program moreover, has “reached 36,046 individuals, or 22,775 families and, providing through donor partners almost P52.72 million worth of resources for rural development, feeding programs, medical and dental missions, and educational infrastructure.”

    Also in the same accomplishment report, the Vice President stated that she was able to install solar panels in 25 households in Oriental Mindoro. She also conducted feeding programs for daycare children in Bukidnon, Bohol, and Iloilo. And, medical missions in the provinces of Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur.

    Adding to the list of accomplishments done by VP Leni Robredo, aside from her Angat Buhay flagship program, were her volunteerism serving as respondent where she provided relief to families affected by Typhoons Lawin and Niña, earthquakes in Surigao and Batangas, and the Marawi crisis.

    In another statement,  Vice President Robredo had claimed that she is proud of herself having accomplished those things throughout her first year in office albeit admitting that a lot of things are yet to be done.

    “We’re proud of what we’ve achieved — from 50 pilot LGUs in 2016, we’re now at 134. But we all know, we cannot rest. So much more needs to be done because there are so many of our fellow Filipinos that continue to be left out,” Robredo said.

    Source: Interaskyon News 5
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