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    Monday, July 3, 2017

    Former DILG Secretary commends Duterte: He's the real deal

    In connection to President Rodrigo Duterte’s first anniversary in office, former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Rafael Alunan III discussed about good leadership and described the characteristics of a good and outstanding president trough a Facebook post published on Friday.

    Alunan listed down four things that any responsible president would adhere to. 

    For the former DILG Sercretary a responsible president would always look for ways to lessen the burden he had received from his predecessor so that by the time he hands over the reins of succession, the country would by then be in better shape than when he received it. 

    Claiming that he sees Duterte as someone directed to that kind of leadership, Alunan expressed in his post how hard it has been for Duterte to uphold his good intention of bettering our country given the dire situation our country is into since he assumed office.

    “That is how I view this President, hobbled by crime, corruption, bad governance and anarchic citizenship through the years, and a creaking bureaucracy where only minorities are true to their oath of public service and up to the challenge despite the risk,” Alunan described.

    Whilst these difficulties, Alunan assured that with “sheer will and focus”, Duterte will surely become triumphant over this battle to better our countries status-quo.

    “Yet, through sheer will and focus, shaking off his aches and pains as best he can at his age, he is gouging out the cancer driven by real anger at the situation the country's in, cursing anyone and everyone that has contributed to it, and beating new paths to a better Philippines,” Alunan claimed.

    He added, "Some say he's crude, rude and limited in scope. So what? He's the real deal that tells people - unused to being told off and would hear none of it out of their sense of entitlement - who deserve it. He dishes out as much as he receives. As for his limitations, he's learning along the way and that's the important thing."

    Acknowledging the value and significance of support from his people, Alunan claimed Duterte needs assistance and reinforcements from the Filipino people to actualize his “nation-building agenda”. Also needed, was a proficient team that could accomplish Duterte’s motives efficiently and effectively.

    “Any President is only as good as the people he has. He needs a good bureaucracy and a behaved citizenry to support his nation-building agenda. But he also needs to build a complete team, a deep bench, and a core group of alter egos to carry out the "commander's intent" and instructions smartly, wisely and professionally,” Alunan stated.

    When asked whether or not a perfect president exists, Alunan’s firm response was “Forget it.” As how he had put it on his post:

    “There is no such thing [as perfect president] on this planet. An evolving President from good to better to best that's trying to fill up the glass at a higher level than his predecessors reached? Yeah, that's fine by me. That's the best that we can have and hope for."

    The former DILG secretary also urged the public not to become “dead beats” which only add up to the burdens of the president. Instead, Alunan encouraged the public to assist and support the president so that development can be achieved.

    “Now, if we want him to lead better and succeed for our sake, we must help lessen the accumulated baggage and unfinished business, and push the development agenda. We can't be dead beats and add to the burden,” Alunan concluded.

    Source: Rafael Alunan III
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