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    Monday, July 3, 2017

    Despite defeat, Pacquiao remains the People’s Champ

    Alongside Pacquiao’s recent defeat with an Australian boxer, Senator Manny Pacquiao had received numerous attacks and criticisms using his defeat as a reinforcement to quash his political inefficiency and his dissenting opinions regarding controversial issues such as homosexuality and death penalty.

    “I see negative hashtags and taunts from others because of the kind of politics he has been known for (for only a year). I suggest we separate the politics from the boxer. We knew him as the People's Champ first so let us hold on to that honor. Besides, he has done more than any politician has done in helping the poor.”

    That was the claim posited by well known columnist Malou Tiquia defending the senator/boxer against the taunts and criticisms he had been receiving from the public. In her post, Tiquia emphasized Pacquiao’s good deeds and humble beginnings.

    “Politics aside, Manny has given us a lot. He is a gentleman boxer despite of his upbringing, Manny is all science and heart. The best the nation can offer and how did he start his career? You and I were not there. We only learned of his life when his name was no longer a whisper. The government did not have anything to do with his success. So please,” Tiquia pleaded.

    Following her status, Tiquia stated how Manny Pacquiao showed exceptional prowess in boxing claiming that the boxer will soon be in “the Hall of Fame”.

    “Pacquiao rose like an eagle and scooped at each enemy in the boxing ring. And that is not for a single fight or reign for a single category or rule for a year. He too will be in the Hall of Fame soon.”

    Malou Tiquia also characterized Pacqiuiao as an embodiment of resilience and dedication. As how the well known columnist had put it on her post:

    “All God-given assets, a lot of sacrifice, patience and training and rising from every fall, Pacquiao has shown to all what overcoming the odds is and what pure grit means.”

    And while Tiquia described boxing as “a game of power, of convincing wins, of continuous brawls, of being dirty to win over an enemy”, she pointed out that Pacquiao has chosen to “be an honest warrior and we should be proud of it.”

    Tiquia then urged the public to cheer for Pacquiao as he has shown us what a real boxer should be, as he is someone who upholds sportsmanship and accepts defeat.

    “Let us cheer our Champ and embrace him when he returns because he certainly showed to all how to be a boxer, accept defeat and move on,” Tiquia concluded.

    Meanwhile, affixed on the same post by Tiquia is a photo showing Pacquiao amidst the crowd and containing a small concise note which reads:

    “The Honor of our Country –Manny Pacquiao”.

    As for Tiquia, she gave a significant remark on her post addressed to Pacquiao’s critics.

    “With a 59-6-2 record, the #Pacman has proven himself and has brought honor to Filipinos. I am sure that those bashing Pacquiao, the politician, cheered Many in one of those victories,” Tiquia stated.

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