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    Monday, July 24, 2017

    LOOK: Cong. Lucy Torres testifies on President Duterte’s effective leadership

    Sass Rogando Sasot, a well-known blogger and a social media activist, recently published a post in her influential Facebook page called “For the Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot” a narration/testimony of how sincere and effective President Rodrigo Duterte is in fulfilling his duties and responsibilities to his people. The said testimony came from Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez herself.

    “A day after the horrid earthquake that struck Ormoc City, Kananga, and other parts of Leyte, the President sent a team led by Presidential Assistant for Visayas Affairs Mike Dino and the military for an aerial inspection and rapid assessment of immediate needs on the ground,” Cong. Torres-Gomez started.

    After three days, still according to the congresswoman, the entire cabinet members of President Duterte visited the earthquake stricken province to hold a preliminary meeting in the Ormoc City Hall.

    “Three days later, the President's men --- practically all the Cabinet Secretaries and some of their undersecretaries --- descended in full force, and a productive cabinet meeting that lasted over 3 hours was held at the Ormoc City Hall,” she narrated.

    “After three more days or exactly a week after the earthquake, the President himself, Pres.-Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte, arrived in Ormoc, again with his entire cabinet with him, for yet another meeting,” the Congresswoman added.

    During those times, Lucy claimed that the problems faced by the provinces of Ormoc and Kananga were not only discussed extensively but “more importantly, immediate and lasting solutions were laid out and promised”. 

    “True to his word, rebuilding efforts have already been officially rolled out, with more in the pipeline to commence ASAP,” Torres-Gomez claimed affirming the efficacy manifested by Duterte and his administrative assemblage.

    “Thank you, Mr. President, for your compassion and extremely quick action. Your actual presence during that difficult time brought us, the people of Ormoc and Kananga especially, a great measure of comfort and hope. Rebuilding is a gargantuan task that needs government intervention and we are grateful for your leadership,” Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez said expressing her gratitude and appreciation to the President and his supportive and effective cabinet members.

    Conclusively, Congresswoman Torres-Gomez quoted Sec. Art Tugade’s statement further conveying admiration to the current administration.

    “To quote Sec. Art Tugade, your marching instructions were 'pakinggan at tugunan'. You and your cabinet have done/are doing exactly that. Thank you for your sincerity. Thank you for your commitment,” Torres-Gomez claimed gratefully.

    Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez then expressed her regards addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte:

    “Mabuhay, Mr. President! May God bless you and grant you wisdom and strength and good health as you continue to lead our great country!"

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