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    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    Carpio-Morales filing Mamasapano cases against BS Aquino: A deceptive “zarzuela” act?

    Thinking Pinoy, one of the leading local news portals that surveils on significant socio-political issues of the  country, recently published another investigative article wary of the controversial filing of two Mamasapano-related cases against former President Benigno Aquino III by his own appointee, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales.

    RJ Nieto, the man behind the Thinking Pinoy blog, keenly speculated on the matter and revealed the ulterior agenda behind Carpio-Morales’ shocking motion to indict the former president.

    The two cases on ‘usurpation of authority’ and ‘garft’ filed by the Ombudsman, according to Nieto are nothing but just a mere ‘zarzuela’ act to deceive the public.

    According to Nieto’s article, Carpio-Morales would not have “a change of heart” for her to go against Aquino who appointed her as the Ombudsman. Looking back, Carpio-Morales had staunchly shown support to Aquino and his former administration by “going against her better judgment”. To support this claim, Nieto cited the outcome of two controversial issues (the impeachment of former Chief Justice Corona and the Pork Barrel Scam) which was ruled out by the Ombudsman in favor of the former administration.

    “Morales, a retired Supreme Court associate justice, is fully aware of the hearsay rule”, claimed Nieto, yet she still chose to provide a hearsay testimony against Corona before the Ombudsman. Also, “the Ombudsman [under Carpio-Morales] clearly turned a blind eye on Liberal Party members and allies who are involved in the PDAF scam,” Nieto stated.

    In the said Thinking Pinoy article, Nieto also exposed the five cases filed before the Ombudsman against the former president which include: technical malversation, treason, homicide, usurpation of authority, and graft. Of the five cases, three had already been dismissed by the Ombudsman.

    One of which is the Homicide angle which according to Thinking Pinoy, is the “easiest to prove among all other possible cases related to the Mamasapano clash”.

    Nieto emphasized that Aquino indeed committed Homicide. Defined as “an unjustified killing not constituting a murder which may be committed through negligence”, Nieto claimed that Aquino, together with Purisima, committed homicide in two levels.

    “First, Aquino authorized the SAF operation despite an existing ceasefire agreement with the MILF. He allowed the SAF to infiltrate MILF territory despite the clear knowledge that the MILF will retaliate if engaged…Second, Aquino refused to order the Armed Forces to send reinforcements to the PNP SAF commandos, despite the latter’s request,” Thinking Pinoy speculated.

    “Now tell me how that cannot be homicide!” Nieto questioned fervently in the article.
    This (the dismissal of the homicide case and filing of two new yet weak cases against Aquino) gives Carpio-Morales and Aquino a chance to play “a short zarzuela that can easily end in time for the Ombudsman July 2018 retirement,” Nieto asserted.

    Giving his own assumption as to how this short “zazuela act” will unfold, Nieto narrated five simple “acts”.

    “ACT #1: Ombudsman recommends filing of two weak cases; ACT#2: Just for show Aquino and Purisima can mount a weak appeal at the Office of the Ombudsman, and the latter will deny it."

    Thinking Pinoy further elaborated:

    "ACT#3:  Ombudsman actually files the case and, Aquino and Purisima are arraigned; ACT#4: The court, which can only act upon the complaint provided, will…acquit both Aquino and Purisima [from the two weak cases], and lastly; ACT#5: After the acquittal, both Aquino and Purisima cannot be sued anymore over the Mamasapano Clash because of the Rule on Double Jeopardy (or the prohibition on the prosecution of a person twice for the same offense."

    To conclude his article, Nieto affirmed that this particular “zarzuela act” played by Carpio-Morales and Aquino together with Purisima, will destroy all the remaining hope for justice among the widows of the fallen SAF soldiers. Once successful with their plotted deception, Aquino and Purisima will no longer be sued for any Mamasapano-related cases thereby giving them “immunity”.

    “This case, instead a victory for the Mamasapano widows, will actually provide immunity to Aquino and Purisima,” Nieto affirmed.

    “The Ombudsman has already dismissed the first three cases…the Usurpation raps will eventually be dismissed along with the bonus of protecting Aquino from any case related to Mamasapano. Thus, we are only left with one last case [referring to Aquino’s pending Graft case]. I think Aquino will not need help from Conchita on that one,” Nieto ended conclusively.

    Source: Thinking Pinoy

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