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    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    BREAKING: Aquino to face severe Mamasapano related charges?

    In line with the Mamasapano tragedy two years ago that caused the lives of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) members, several senators, particularly senator Richard Gordon claimed on Sunday that former President Benigno Aquino III should face ‘graver’ complaints against the incident.

    “If you were to ask me, without going to the Ombudsman I would have filed graver charges. It is clearly multiple homicide to reckless imprudence,” claimed Gordon who is currently the Senate Committee head on justice and human rights.

    Senator Richard Gordon’s claim was founded on the fact that Aquino, during the incident, was the acting commander-in-chief of the operation in pursuit of Malaysian bomb maker Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and his Filipino accomplice Basit Usman.

    Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito also expressed his sentiments on the issue parallel to that of Senator Gordon’s. JV Ejercito claimed that the Mamasapano tragedy should be given a just and fair closure. Pursuing stronger complaints against former President Noynoy Aquino III, according to the senator, is the best way to console the bereaved family of the fallen 44 SAF commandos.

    “I am not singling out the former president, but as commander in chief there is a thing called command responsibility,” Senator Ejercito said.

    Supporting his claim, Senator JV Ejercito cited the “Iran contra” scandal way back 1985 during the presidency of United States president Ronald Reagan. The incident involved the “clandestine sale of weapons to Iran by senior US officials. Albeit Reagan not knowing anything about the controversy, he still was obligated to deal with it simply because he was the acting commander in chief and therefore has command responsibility.

    That too, according to Senator Ejercito, should be Aquino’s case regarding the Mamasapano carnage.

    Meanwhile, Senator Gordon then expressed his frustration and disappointment with the Ombudsman who, by filing two weak cases against Aquino (usurpation of authority and graft), had obviously “watered down” Aquino’s accountabilities concerning the Mamasapano incident.

    Outspokenly, Senator Richard Gordon revealed his intention to reopen another Senate investigation regarding the case and also claimed that he is more than willing to invite the former president to the upcoming investigative proceedings.

    “Yes I will invite him (Aquino), nobody will be exempted,” the senator said.

    Last February, families of the Mamasapano tragedy personally met with Gordon to solicit help and assistance regarding their request for a thorough investigation by re-opening a new senate inquiry on the case.

    Source: Manila Times

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