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    Tuesday, June 13, 2017

    Writer commends Duterte’s leadership: "Under this man, I learned the true meaning of independence and sovereignty"

    Krizette Laureta Chu, a well-known Filipino writer had published a commendatory Facebook post yesterday on Duterte’s exemplary leadership.

    The said post entitled “THE BIRTH OF A NATION” written and published by Chu in her Facebook account, is a tribute to the President’s invaluable efforts exerted for the betterment of the country. Also, the post was in line with yesterday’s 119th celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

    “Under this man [referring to Duterte], I learned the true meaning of independence and sovereignty. Under him, I learned to love the country more. Loved the country not just for its beauty and its food and its beaches, but for its scars and pain and challenges. The Philippines, warts and all,” Chu wrote in her post.

    Chu furthered his commendations on Duterte claiming that the president helped her realize and discover a lot of things regarding freedom, liberty, and independence.

    “Under him, I realized the Filipino is freed from the shackles of our own self-imposed slavery to the oligarchy and to other countries. Under him, I discovered we were never truly free, our conquerors just changed, from colonizers to exploiters, some of whom are our fellow Filipinos,” Chu added.

    Chu even mentioned how Duterte’s rule as the chief executive of the Philippines, had unified Filipino soldiers especially those fighting for peace in Marawi, claiming that under Duterte, patriotism and self-worth among these fighters were heightened.

    “Under him, our men and women fighting in Marawi and in other places feel more valued, feel more loyal to the flag. Under Duterte, I finally and truly appreciate the weight behind the word "INDEPENDENCE." Sovereignty, asserting our rights,” Chu added.

    On the latter part of her post, Krizette Laureta Chu acknowledged that while Philippines is a country, it has never become a nation. She also acknowledged that Philippines is currently on its way to become a nation and is still bound to face a lot of struggles and difficulties. As how she had put it on her post:

    “We have been a country, but we have never been a nation. But under this man [Duterte], and with the support of the majority, we are finally on our way. Bumps and roadblocks ahead, but one day, we will be a nation of a proud race.”

    “And above all--above 911 or free wifi or better education or a better military or a drug-free country--this is Duterte's greatest legacy to us--FIRING UP OUR NATIONALISM like a real hero.” Chu added, stating that fueling Filipino’s nationalism is President Duterte’s greatest advocacy or legacy above other things.

    In the end, Chu cited a particular statement given by journalist Arnel Patawaran which says: "What we need is not a good leader as much as a leader who will want us to be good." That statement according to Chu best describes President Duterte as a leader.

    Conclusively, Chu ended her post with a fervently nationalistic statement still thanking President Duterte. “Thanks to our new President, this is the first time I say this with such fervor: HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, PHILIPPINES!”

    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu
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