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    Tuesday, June 20, 2017

    Why are we treating Duterte like Noynoy?

    “Noynoy as President did not know how to run government. The mess he left us in is proof enough. The guy did not work; that’s why Filipinos coped on their own.”

    That was the claim of writer Aveen Acuna-Gulo embedded on her Facebook post differentiating President Rodrigo Duterte from former President Noynoy Aquino.

    While criticizing Aquino for his inefficient leadership, Acuna-Gulo distinguished Duterte as someone who knows how to run the Philippines.

    “Here comes Duterte. The man knows how to run government. He left the talking to other people. He worked. He is now fixing the mess on a national scale. The terrorism that ravaged Marawi was a high point being a result of drugs, crime, and corruption combined, and in its pure form,” Acuna-Gulo wrote in her post.

    Claiming Filipinos to be generally “talkative”, Acuna-Gulo wrote that while Filipinos are so preoccupied into talking, significant issues are gradually starting to proliferate without us knowing it. 

    “For one, we staged rallies, had dialogues, forums, symposiums, conferences, seminars, workshops -- name it. You know what is common with what I have just mentioned? Talk. Oh how we loved to talk…And while we talked, the more enterprising ones made a lot of money from these activities. We were so busy talking even if we knew that outside the comfortable venues where we talked there was drugs, crime and corruption all over,” Acuna-Gulo emphasized.

    Even with President Duterte currently on the verge of addressing the turbulence caused by the previous administration due to their negligence and dereliction, Filipinos are irresponsibly living their lives still talking-without taking actions.

    “And still here we are -- people who are not from government especially – talking, talking and talking. We talked about bombings in Syria, the moon, the stars, etc just so we could talk. In coffee shops, fancy restos, on mainstream media, on social media, just so we could talk. Remember what President Duterte keeps on saying? “Magtrabaho tayo.” The English translation is, just in case you forgot: Let us work.” Acuna-Gulo claimed.

    As she continued, Acuna-Gulo began talking about personal responsibilities by not meddling onto other people’s businesses and to focus on our own personal duties as citizens and individuals. 

    “Kung ayaw natin ang Martial Law, patrabahuin natin ang Supreme Court. Let's cheer the Supreme Court to be faithful to the constitution. Kung hindi naman tayo Supreme Court at tayo ay nasa Humanitarian Work, magtrabaho tayo as humanitarian workers. Leave the debates to the Justices because that’s their job. Indeed if we debate on Martial Law while facing a huge humanitarian crisis, the focus on humanitarian response diminishes. We are actually distracting ourselves. Can we not transcend the distraction?” Acuna-Gulo implied.

    She continued with her claims stating that: “If we don’t like terrorists, patrabahuin natin ang Armed Forces. Kung hindi tayo sundalo at di rin naman tayo marunong kumilala kung sino ang terrorista at sino ang hindi, huwag na tayong magsunda-sundaluhan.”

    Lastly, Acuna-Gulo urged the people not to meddle into the President’s national affairs and leadership tactics for those are beyond our jobs as citizens of the country. After all, that’s the major reason why Filipinos put Duterte in presidency-to rule and fix the Philippines.

    “The work of fixing the country is the work of a President. Why are we acting like we are presidents when we have our respective works to attend to?....Kaya nga binoto ng karamihan sa atin si Duterte kasi gusto natin na siya ang mag-isip kung pano lutasin ito lahat; gusto natin na siya ang magtrabaho. Ang hirap kaya mag-isip, lalo na kung wala naman sa atin ang lahat ng impormasyon kung pano lutasin ang gusot na iniwan ni Aquino,” Acuna-Gulo claimed.

    In conclusion Acuna-Gulo had acknowledged how some Filipinos, just by speaking their minds audaciously without action had “alienated” them from ordinary citizens.

    “We [Filipinos] wax ourselves fancy with jargon and legalese that we have actually alienated ourselves from the ordinary citizens – those who bear the brunt of bad governance. Yet we bask ourselves with self-pity in their name. C’mon. Our salaries as NGO (local and international) workers sometimes put to shame the salaries of those in government. Talking just for talking's sake was the undeserved privilege we had under Aquino.”

    “And lastly, who is not appalled with the human toll in Marawi? Nobody has the monopoly of crying. Let's work the talk,” Acuna-Gulo concluded urging the Filipinos to not just talk and clamor but also to take necessary and efficient actions.

    Source: Aveen Acuna-Gulo | Facebook
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