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    Monday, June 26, 2017

    READ: Trillanes gained countless criticisms from international audiences

    Manila, Philippines — Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, recently had an interview with BBC host Stephen Sackur, on his show called “HARDtalk”. During the said interview, Senator Trillanes was asked by Stephen Sackur certain political questions that aim to elicit the senator’s deeper thoughts on the political status-quo of the Philippines.

    Having been “embarrassed” in front of the world, this according to Manila Standard article online, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was explicitly frustrated.

    “Senator Antonio Trillanes went on the warpath yesterday, apparently after hearing all the laughter elicited by his appearance on BBC’s HARDtalk show…Trillanes’ performance during the half-hour interview with HARDtalk presenter Stephen Sackur was all over social media yesterday. And not in the way the senator or his fellow propagandists from the opposition would have liked,” said Jojo Robles in his article published in Manila Standard.

    Claiming that BBC's Stephen Sackur and his team made an extensive research on the Philippines’ current status quo, several questions were formulated which, still according to the article, caught Trillanes off-guard.

    “Sackur and his team did their own research on current issues in this country. And they came up with the sort of questions that made Trillanes —never know for his eloquence or even for his firm grasp of the facts—look like a buffoon on international television.”

    The article further speculated on Senator Trillanes’ “groundless” claims regarding the status of illegal drug trade in the country. Trillanes fallaciously claimed that Marijuana and not Shabu was  the rampant drug choice among Filipino drug users.

    “Asked about the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines, Trillanes came up with the totally incredible and unsupported claim that the number of drug addicts was a lot less than what Duterte and his officials are saying. He even denied that “shabu”—known abroad as crystal meth—was the drug of choice in the Philippines, saying that marijuana was actually the most abused narcotic in the land,” claimed Robles.

    Moreover, Trillanes was put in a more embarrassing situation after he failed to grasp the question imposed by Sackur of which Trillanes took literary and arrogantly thereby urging him to provide a “dumb-sounding” answer.

    “When Sackur demanded to know if Trillanes was a “democrat,” the senator could only say that he belonged to the Nacionalista Party. “I’m not asking about your political affiliation,” the presenter said, probably wondering if all Filipino senators were as dumb as the person he was interviewing.”

    Robles continued criticizing Trillanes with his dubious groundless arguments and “absurd” claims. The article reads:

    “It got to the point where Sackur actually made it look painful for all Filipinos to watch the unmasking of Trillanes as a know-nothing opposition leader. I mean, all of us already know what Trillanes is capable of, but we don’t really need HARDtalk to advertise the senator’s incompetence all over the world. Trillanes probably thought he would score easy points against Duterte in an interview with yet another clueless foreign journalist. Little did he know that Sackur and his team actually wanted to get to the bottom of Trillanes’ opposition to the president.”

    In conclusion, Robles emphasized how that particular BBC interview with Trillanes had proven how arrogant or perhaps ignorant Trillanes is of his advocacy against Duterte thereby failing to solicit support from the international audience. In turn, what Trillanes gained was countless criticisms from BBC’s international audiences.

    “And the HARDtalk interview succeeded in proving that Trillanes could not even explain why he was opposed to Duterte. And that he could not even present facts that could convince any real journalist who wasn’t already sympathetic to the senator’s cause,” his article concluded.

    Source:  Manila Standard
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