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    Friday, June 16, 2017

    The Rock N' Roll Stage is Finally Here: Fete de La Musique Philippines

    In an industry that is packed with event groups, music productions and underground musical acts, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of events set up every month, north to south of Luzon. You will see the internet flooded by different groups supporting diverse genres with unbelievable number of sub types. You will also find some very clannish groups, from production teams to venue loyalists and some relatively liberal events groups open to other genres.

    If you are one of those enthusiasts or if you are an active band player for the past 3 years, you will realize that the numbers are staggering. One would wonder “Will anyone ever standout from the madness?” Needless to say as diverse as the scene is, its focus has somewhat dwindled. Prominence of events has fallen to a selected few. But “new blood” from the “old schools” have been emerging for the past years from the Hip Hop and Rap Scene, to the Classic Metal and Punk, and now Rock N Roll and Hard Rock is making a significant comeback to take its rightful place after years of hibernation.

    Leading the way is SX Manila and Rough Stuff Entertainment. SX Manila is mainly known for their quality LUNETA events with a handpicked set of bands that are supported not via majority but by criteria decided upon by the group. After watching these events a couple of times, I have come to realize how excellently picked the bands are – not to mention the surprising level of variety they bring. You will notice that each bands experience and entertainment value was ripened by more than 5 years of playing to say the least. From their covers to originals, their skill level is unquestionable. Styling is very specific and “on point”.

    Then you have Rough Stuff Entertainment - a newly formed music group that for happiness sake, planned and started to pick bands to play for bars. This isn’t really an events or production team, they are more of a group of music enthusiasts and musicians that got together to share and enjoy information about new and classic bands and their music.

    But nevertheless ended up creating a series of events at The Roadhouse Manila Bay that featured 4 of the islands’ best underground Rock N’ Roll/Hard Rock acts namely Gin Rum N’ Truth, Black Wolf Gypsies, Hey Moonshine, and Whiskey Version. The series was called “Rough, Raw and Rowdy” Part 1 and 2. This event created a partnership between SX Manila and Rough Stuff Entertainment that would eventually give birth to one of the best and most talked about stages for 2017’s Fete de la Musique:  The “ROCK N’ ROLL STAGE”. 

    Their tandem would attract more partners including Banana Rising Recording Studios, The Roadhouse Manila Bay, Redhorse Beer (Ito and Tama), Rakista Radio, Sqoe Guitars Philippines, ABS-CBN, Jam 88.3, The Manila Bulletin, Reuters and One Music Manila. The venue for the event will be done at The Roadhouse Manila Bay on June 17 and will start at 4PM.

    The Event will feature the country’s forefront of Rock ‘n Roll and Hard Rock and 2 of the Philippines’ most distinguished acts, Razorback and Kjwan. They will be joined by some of the undergrounds best Rock ‘N Roll groups (with significant evolution of the genre) like Gin Rum N’ Truth, Black Wolf Gypsies, Hey Moonshine, Whiskey Version, Lovecore, Demi, Kosmikskala, Beia Stone, May, Good and Bad, Tommy’s Hound Circus, Icontrol, zer0, Musico and Alikabok 2.0. Some of the bands will have a more “alternative vibe” to them or a more “Hard Rock/90’s feel” (relatively) to add flavor for the night of the event.

    The Stage is set, the bands are booked so all you have to do is be there at this historic event. Admission is FREE. Ladies and gents, we present “Fete de La Musique’s first ever ROCK N ROLL Stage!”

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