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    Thursday, June 1, 2017

    SYMBOLISM OF INCOMPETENCE: Mar Roxas exceeds Mocha Uson

    The ongoing scrutiny and intense public ridicule received by presidential appointee, PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson has made her a symbolism of “incompetence”-as what critics often claim.

    Speaking of symbolism, netizen Mark Lopez emphasized that as far as SYMBOLISM OF INCOMPETENCE is concerned, it is not ASec Mocha Uson who should be pertained rather, the 2016 presidential elections candidate, and former Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary, Mar Roxas.

    Lopez claimed that the previous Aquino administration, with their advocacy tagline “Daang Matuwid", has a lot of issues that could “highlight the ineptitude and incompetence”.

    “Let's take this issue of public transportation. Oh boy, this is epic. This is one of those that made Mar Roxas the poster boy of negligence and ineptness. Say the name of Mar Roxas, or show a photo of Mar Roxas, and the first thing that comes to mind is INCOMPETENCE,” said Lopez in one of his Facebook posts.

    Mark Lopez also asserted that Mar Roxas’s failure includes not only the issue on public transportation but a lot more.

    “…his imprint of inefficiency and massive failure is all over - tanim bala, airport problems, MRT, traffic, driver's license and plates. These are issues that have so heavily burdened the citizenry, that directly impacted on our daily living and how we so struggled.”

    Mark Lopez even acknowledged that one of the major reasons why Mar Roxas lost his presidential bid in last year’s presidential election was still because of his “incompetence”.

    “In case this has not sunk in yet Mr Roxas, you lost big time in the last election because no amount of deodorizing, no scandalously humongous money spent, no glitzy PR blitz, no big name celebrity endorsement, can overcome the sheer hatred we have with you because of your INCOMPETENCE.”

    Affixed in the said Facebook status posted by Lopez, are four photos showing the inefficient public transportation of the country, particularly in Metro Manila. Triggered by the said photos, Lopez regarded Roxas as a fraud.

    “And the below post [referring to the abovementioned photos] of my friend Maria Ramon is just one SYMBOLISM of the fraud that you are Mr. Roxas,” Lopez claimed.

    Lopez furthered his criticisms and started pointing out how Roxas’ “stupidity” had worsen the daily lives of the Filipino citizen.

    “Imagine how your stupidity has set this country back instead of experiencing progress…Imagine how the current admin now has to untangle and undo the epic mess you made, that made it more unbearable, more toxic and more stressful our daily living,” Lopez asserted.

    In the end of his post, Lopez emphasized “incompetence” to be Mar Roxas’ “ultimate legacy, and how the series of failures Roxas did during his membership in the cabinet of former president PNoy has made him a classic symbol of incompetence”.

    “This is your ultimate legacy Mar Roxas. Every time someone raises an issue on public transportation, it will be your name which will be prominently highlighted. You are the most classic SYMBOL of INCOMPETENCE,” concluded Lopez.

    Source: Mark Lopez | Facebook

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