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    Sunday, June 18, 2017

    Senator Miriam Santiago's sister knocks Secretary Aguirre’s inefficiency

    Atty. Paula Defensor Knack, an international law expert and the sister of late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago on Thursday criticized the current Secretary of the Department of Justice, Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II for his inefficient approach towards the growing problems and concerns faced by the justice department in the country.

    “Aguirre, tambak na ang reklamo sa kabagalan mo…Umiikot ka sa social media. Hindi ka nakakatulong sa panahon ng krisis, so totoo lang…Kung si Marcos or si MDS boss mo, nabulyawan ka na ng katakot-takot!” wrote Atty. Paula Defensor Knack.

    Aside from pointing out Aguirre’s inefficient approach, Atty. Knack also emphasized how powerful his position as Justice Secretary is. As how Knack had put it on her Facebook post:

    “The DOJ [secretary] is a very powerful position. Other government agencies depend on the DOJ. It is the DOJ that has supervision of investigatory agencies like the NBI and has direct access to other investigatory agencies.”

    Knack continued with her explanation, claiming that “everything when it comes to prosecution depends on him [referring to Sec. Aguirre] and not all cases have to be filed with the Ombudsman, but also in regular courts! The DOJ has to initiate action since other govt. agencies do not have the authority the DOJ has to investigate and prosecute cases in order to protect the President and the state.”

    Attached in the said post by Atty. Knack is a single photo containing the image of Sec. Aguirre and a small note addressed to him. The note reads:

    “Dear Sec. Aguirre, Maraming nagrereklamo, mabagal ang DOJ umaksyon ngayon compared sa time ni De Lima. Nauunahan kayo ng kalaban lagi. Tambak na ang pag-aalinlangan ng taumbayan bago ka gumalaw at alam ng kalaban na mabagal ka. Ilang lingo nakalipas pa, bago kayo umaksyon. Kung hindi mo kaya ang trabaho, magpahinga ka na lang.”

    Atty. Knack had concluded with a simple footnote directed to the Justice Secretary. Acknowledging that Philippines is currently facing the crisis, Aguirre’s way of dealing with it seems “incompetent” so Knack ended by saying:

    “If the man [referring to Sec. Aguirre] is old and slow, he should not be there. We have a crisis. There are very many litigation experts in Metro Manila who can do a better job!”

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