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    Thursday, June 1, 2017

    LOOK: Retired Military revealed the alleged plan of the opposition to oust Duterte thru Marawi crisis

    "The chaos and terror crisis currently experienced in Mindanao is a scheme."

    That was the idea enclosed in a Facebook status posted by a retired military named Abe Purugganan.

    In the said Facebook post, Purugganan cited a particular passage that, according to him, reinforces the “alleged plan of the opposition to oust Pres Duterte.”

    The said article contains a statement of a whistle blower who is an official in the Liberal Party which is the major opposition party against the Duterte administration. The whistle-blower whose identity was not disclosed in the said passage, claimed that the chaos caused by the Maute terrorist group was plotted by the “oligarchs”, referring to the officials of the Liberal Party, and Antonio Trillanes.

    “Their plan was to coordinate with Maute and Abusayyaf leaders including Liberal party supporters from the government in Marawi,” claimed the whistle-blower.

    "Digong is in side with the Marcoses and supports Martial Law, why don’t we Play Fire With Fire,” the whistle-blower claims to be the statement coming from Loida Lewis, a Liberal Party member.

    The informant also continued stating that according to one of the oligarchs, “the plan was for the maute group and other bandits to join forces and create chaos in Mindanao since most of the relatives of the Maute group are in Marawi. They are sure that they will protect their family ( -Maute group- ) and will use these civilians who are relatives of the Mautes to pretend and be a victim of martial law.”

    The informant even mentioned that in that discussion among the Liberal party officials which occurred abroad months before the Marawi incident, the idea of bribing the media to broadcast sensationalized and fake news was brought up.

    “They already arranged paid media to cover the drama and acting of abuses and even planned bandits to dress up as AFP members and take pictures of abuses.”

    The main rationale behind the said plot was also disclosed by the informant.

    “Their main plan is to use Martial law to destabilize the government. Force Duterte to declare martial law and create a drama just like before during Marcos time and abuse the civilians by the fake paid army and media and create chaos.”

    The passage also claimed that this scheme was a simulation of “how martial law got out of hand during President Marcos time. The Aquinos and other oligarchs set up the government.”

    The said passage cited by Purugganan in his Facebook post ended with a speculation which claims that:

    “Eto pala yung sinasabi ni Trillianes noon na may pasabog sila pagdating ng Mayo... Note that one LP senator was in Marawi 3days before”.

    Meanwhile, Purugganan , prior to the passage captioned his post with a simple advise.

    “There is a lot of noises and chatters flooding the cyberspace, you got to use your discernment to filter all these information,” said Purugganan.

    Source: Abe Purugganan Facebook
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