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    Wednesday, June 7, 2017

    READ: Who benefits Trillanes and Alejano's move to oust Duterte?

    Well-known blogger and social media activist Sass Rogando Sasot on Tuesday discussed Magdalo's move in the International Criminal Court (ICC) represented by Gary Alejano and Antonio Trillanes IV to unseat President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

    Sass, a staunch supporter of President Duterte, wrote that the major objective of Trillanes’ and the entire Magdalo partylist is “regime change” like what they tried to do during Arroyo’s administration, only that their means of doing so is more discreet this time.

    Thus, Trillanes and Alejano's complaint filed in the ICC is a step in pursuit of that goal.

    “CERTAINLY less audacious than occupying expensive hotels, just like what they did during Gloria Arroyo’s time, the Magdalo party-list’s efforts to impeach or indict President Rodrigo Duterte at the International Criminal Court (ICC) has regime change as the end goal. They’ve launched a coup d’√©tat against the Duterte administration through another means: lawfare,” claimed Sasot.

    Sass also cited, in her online article, the failed attempt of Gary Alejano, Magdalo Representative, to impeach the president after a unanimous dismissal of the complaint ruled by the House of Representative’s committee on justice.

    “Magdalo’s Rep. Gary Alejano and his colleagues would like to use the ICC to unseat Duterte, which they failed to do after the members of the House committee on justice unanimously dismissed their impeachment complaint against Duterte for lacking in substance. Alejano threatened to file a complaint at the ICC. Unfazed, Duterte encouraged him ‘to go ahead’,” Sasot recalled.

    Once successful, Sass claimed that, the ICC could interfere with Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs and narcopolitics, which she deemed to be “necessary not only for the security of the Philippines but of the Asean region as well”. With that, Sass acknowledged the duty of the Asean to extend help to Duterte whenever needed.

    “…it’s in the interest of Asean to back the Philippines against any foreign interference that wittingly or unwittingly strengthens the position of the other side of the war on drugs—the transnational drug syndicates,” wrote Sass who is currently based in The Hague, Netherlands.

    In conclusion, Sasot ended her past article with a speculative question of who really benefits from the said lawfare, established by Trillanes and the Magdalo group against the president. As how Sasot puts it:

    “As [Magdalo] move to demolish Duterte’s external legitimacy through their lawfare, who exactly benefits? For sure, it’s not the families, communities and cities wishing to liberate themselves from the terror and violence wrought by shabu,” Sasot claimed.

    Sass, in her Facebook post, also gave a short and precise criticism addressed to Trillanes where she said:

    “Sabi ko na nga ba at si Trillanes ay pumunta dito sa The Hague para mag file ng complaint sa ICC. Papasiklab na naman."

    Source: For the Motherland-Sass Rogando Sasot
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