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    Wednesday, June 28, 2017

    MUST READ: President Duterte’s phenomenal first year in the office

    “It’s unbelievable that time has quickly gone by. After one year in office, President Duterte continues to enjoy the highest trust and confidence rating ever given by Filipinos to a president. Despite his colorful, off-the-cuff remarks which often drive criticism from his detractors here and abroad, no one can argue that his popularity continues to be high.” 

    That was the claim of a well-known columnist Jose Manuel "Babe" Romualdez in his article.

    Expressing his own viewpoint on how Duterte maintained phenomenal despite all the negative criticisms which were thrown at him, Romuladez stated:

    “Mr. Duterte’s success in neutralizing criticism shows the power of framing problems simplistically and cleaving to the logic that ends justify means.” 

    He also acknowledged the failed attempt of the opposition to paint Duterte black in the eyes of the public. As reinforcement, Romuladez cited the previous BBC interview of Stephen Sackur with Senator Trillanes which blatantly revealed Trillanes groundless anti-Duterte campaign. As how Romualdez had put it:

    “All the efforts of the yellow group especially those based in the US to make a dent on the popularity of Duterte seem to be fruitless. As BBC’s HARDtalk TV host Stephen Sackur described it during a 24-minute interview with Senator Sonny Trillanes that has since gone viral on social media, the opponents of the man chosen by Filipino voters to clean up the country seem to be bashing their head against a brick wall,” wrote Romualdez.

    To further strengthen his claim, Romuladez cited recent accomplishments of the current Duterte administration supportive of the claim that indeed Duterte is a responsible and phenomenal Filipino leader.

    “During clearing operations in Marawi City a few days ago, police authorities seized 2 kilos of shabu worth P10 million from the house of Omar Ali, an ex-mayor of Marawi who was in the president’s list of suspected narco-politicians.”

    He then continued citing how Duterte’s fight against terrorism had urged neighboring and concerned countries to provide assistance and military aid. As how Romauldez had put it on his post: 

    “Even the international community has realized the seriousness behind President Duterte’s warnings about the presence of ISIS terrorists in Mindanao. Indonesia and Malaysia have partnered with the Philippines to form a trilateral group for enhanced counter-terrorism efforts and implement strategies to prevent ISIS militants from gaining foothold in the region. Australia will also send high-tech AP-3C Orion aircraft to provide surveillance support in the fight against terrorism – something that our closest ally the United States has been consistently providing despite a few bumps in our relations.”

    All these developments, according to Romualdez, simply underscore the credibility of the president’s claims regarding drugs and the terrorist menace – and why he continues to be popular among majority of Filipinos.

    Despite this developments however, some people are still “dumbfounded” with Duterte’s unwavering satisfaction rating. Nevertheless, Romuladez is certain that Duterte is indeed a phenomenal leader and got this assertion supported by another statement from a prominent “peninsulares”.

    “Some however are still dumbfounded about why Duterte continues to be popular especially those from the upper crust of society or the so-called 'branded name peninsulares'. One of them aptly described the President’s popularity in Spanish: “Este hombre es fenomenal, como nunca (This man is phenomenal, like never before),” Romualdez ended.

    Source: Babe Romualdez | PhilStar
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