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    Thursday, June 15, 2017

    Political Scientist lambasts Walden Bello: How can Martial Law not be a political option?

    De La Salle University Professor Antonio P. Contreras, a distinguished political scientist slammed Walden Bello, a sociologist and former senatorial candidate, for his displeasing remarks against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

    “Walden Bello is at it again.”

    That was the initial statement given by Professor Contreras in his Facebook post. The said post contains a quotation from Bello’s previous statement criticizing Duterte.

    "The Duterte base will, Mocha-like, unquestioningly follow der Fuhrer and see his problems as brought about by imagined 'dilawan' plots or sabotage by disloyal elements in the AFP unwilling to deliver a victory for their president,” Bello posited.

    Walden Bello claimed that Duterte’s imposition of Martial Law in Mindanao is not a good option to solve terrorist-induced problems, which according to Bello demand political solutions. As how Bello had said it:

    “Impatient for magical solutions, they find it hard to understand that military force cannot solve problems which demand political solutions. They fail to comprehend that a massive military reversal brought about by a political debacle cannot be conjured away by resorting to empty-headed nationalist sloganeering like, 'By June 12, the flag of the Philippines will once more fly proudly over Marawi City."

    After the quotation, Contreras then began with his criticism which backfired towards Bello. Asking Bello to humor him, Contreras wrote:

    “So Walden, what is the political solution to terrorism that you are referring to? Please humor me,” Contreras claimed sarcastically.

    Contreras concluded his post by debunking Walden Bello’s initial statement claiming that Martial law is basically a political option given that it is enshrined in the Constitution.

    The DLSU Professor even challenged Bello’s knowledge as a sociologist by asking Bello how is martial law not counted as a solution, or a political option per se.

    “When you say political solution, isn't Martial Law a political option? After all, the last time I checked, it is provided for in the Constitution. You are a sociologist and I am a political scientist. So tell me. How can Martial Law not be a political option?” Contreras ended.

    Source: Antonio P. Contreras | Facebook
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