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    Monday, June 19, 2017

    BREAKING: P79M worth of cash and cheques seized in Marawi, dispensed from the opposition?

    A viral Facebook post of a columnist from SunStar Davao named Mr. Joey Pamaran Tugung whirls on social media which speculatively revolves around the nature of the P52 Million worth of cash and P27 Million worth of checks recovered by the Philippine Marines in Marawi City in the previous month.

    This particular incident, according to Tugung, had urged the proliferation of speculations as to where these huge amounts of money came from and who owns it.

    “Speculations in the social media have it that the Maute Group was funded by some powerful narco-politicians. Stories also abound that these cash horde came from their kidnapping and extortion activities. Some also theorized that it came from the drug lords, gambling lords and powerful criminal syndicates. Others claimed that it belongs to the local political clans while some alleged that it came from the opposition groups,” Tugung wrote in his post.

    Tugung’s speculation went on claiming that dispensing considerable amount of Philippine peso in millions from any private banks is inapplicable for the reason that only government banks or government-authorized banks are allowed to do so. With this Tugung speculated that:

    “Now, to square the peg in the hole, you might say that this release and movement of money could have happened only during the administration of former President Benigno Aquino III. And most likely, it was done during the 2016 Presidential election – cash cache to be used as campaign funds of candidates and their campaign dirty tricks. And who among the political parties then that could have possibly had this kind of war chest?”

    Acknowledging the P90 billion worth of Yolanda funds which are yet to be accounted for, Tugung assumed the possibility that the opposition might have been the ones behind this conspiracy.

    “Bad me, that part of my being a “conspiracy theorist” would lead us to conclude that the source of the money and checks that were accidentally found by the Philippine Marines could have been from the opposition group (with the possible collusion of the drug lords and narco-politicians due to a shared agenda),” Tugung wrote.

    He added his speculation as to how the huge sum of money reached Marawi by claiming that: "Money, in this instance, was funneled through the local political clans in Marawi City and Lanao del Sur and onto the Maute group. And this leads us into another conclusion..”

    Tugung then concluded that the current Marawi rampage by the Maute group “masqueraded” as an Islamic extremists’ attack was “actually a ‘proxy war’ done at the bidding of the opposition group.” 

    Answering the question of who would really benefit from this Marawi Siege, Tugung asserted that: “Certainly, the opposition group, which stands to reason why: a) There is a call and move for President Rodrigo Duterte’s impeachment; and b) The call for another EDSA revolution (the favorite modus operandi of the Yellowtards).”

    He furthered his conclusion by stating that this so-called “scheme” authored by the opposition is a move to finally overthrow, or if not, to destabilize Duterte’s presidency.

    “The Marawi Siege was the opposition’s group casus belli that would help them snowball their objective to destabilize, if not, to overthrow the government of President Duterte…And by proclaiming Martial Law in Mindanao, which the opposition group has certainly foreseen in their financed Marawi Siege; arguably you would say that President Duterte inadvertently fell into their political playbook,” wrote Tugung.

    However, Tugung claimed that Filipinos of the present generation no longer buy the “Cory Magic” and “Yellow Cult” of the 80’s and 90’s. Tugung even cited Duterte’s 78% satisfaction rating from the previous survey which reinforces the fact that majority of Filipinos remains to be supportive of the President and his martial law declaration in Mindanao.

    “It is then about time for them to move forward for there will never be a sea of yellow anymore in EDSA. What we need at this time of national crisis is unity and support by all, regardless of one’s political creed or affiliation, to President Duterte who is waging, figuratively speaking, a one-man war against drugs, corruption, crimes and terrorism,” claimed Tugung as the best option Filipinos should be currently doing.

    In the end, Tugung emphasized the old proverb which says “in unity, there is strength”.

    “As a nation, we are strongest when we are unified.” Tugung ended.

    Source: Joey Pamaran Tugung | Facebook
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