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    Tuesday, June 13, 2017

    TRENDING: Netizen slams Trillanes for his awful remarks against Duterte on Independence day

    A Facebook post published by netizen Vilma Laud from Ateneo de Davao University goes viral on social media as she blatantly criticized Senator Antonio Trillanes for his displeasing remarks given against the honor of current Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

    The said remark was given by Trillanes during the 119th celebration of Philippine Independence Day where president Duterte had skipped the rites of the celebration.

    Out of that incident, Trillanes asserted that Duterte has no discipline. Shortly after his statement, criticisms proliferated having Senator Trillanes as the subject.

    Vilma Laud explained how Trillanes’ awful remarks against the President affect the 16 million Filipino citizens who voted for the President as well as the president’s supporters and sympathizers. As how Laud had put it:

    “Mr. Trillianes, when you called the President an undisciplined person, you just earned for yourself the ire of 16M filipinos who voted for him. That is surely an affront not only to the President but to all people who trusted and cared for him.”

    Laud then started criticizing Trillanes by describing him as a “MUTINEER” together with his cohorts from the opposition.

    “Granting sir, that he [referring to Duterte] is undisciplined as you might call him, how are you then supposed to be called? You, a MUTINEER, along with your puppy Alejano, do you want to be called disciplined rebels?
    If you say that the President is undisciplined, isn't it like The pot calling the kettle black?” Laud claimed.

    Moreover, Laud defended Duterte by stating how the president, despite his old age, has been working hard for the Filipinos, especially to bring peace to Mindanao.

    Laud even described how Trillanes subjects himself to leisure and comfort, while the president works “harder than a carabao” amidst the crisis faced by the Philippines calling Trillanes a “thick-skinned” senator.

    “How could you be so unfeeling to say those words? The President, as old as he is, works harder than a carabao just to give this country the peace and order that it deserves. Imagine him waiting for the arrival of the fallen soldiers from Marawi at the wee hours of the morning, while you were sleeping in your air conditioned room, unmindful of the chaos in Marawi and the grieving loved ones of the fallen soldiers, just so that you could live in peace, you and your rotten cohorts in the opposition. How thick-skinned can you get, you saboteurs of this country,” Laud wrote in her status.

    In the end, Laud concluded her FB post with a sarcastic, satirical note telling Trillanes how Duterte would possibly react, should he die sometime in the future.

    “Just remember this Mr. Trillianes, put it in your diary if you like so that your family will see it; should you die (i'm sure one day you will), whether as a senator, or as a traitor, the President will surely visit your wake just like he always does everytime a cop or a soldier dies. I just pray that when he visits your wake, it is because you deserve it, and not because he just wants to stick his tongue out at you and say MERESI ra nimo!!!” Laud concluded.

    Source: Vilma Laud | Facebook

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