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    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    UNBELIEVABLE? Netizen shared the story behind his amazing transformation

    “If you want change, start with yourself.”

    That was the claim of netizen, Dave Villanueva, whose Facebook post recently became viral on social media shortly after he posted several pictures that distinguish the considerable change of appearance from his teen-age years to now.

    “Unbelievable” as how most people see it, Villanueva shared some insights, his personal perspectives which led and urged him to change or transform for the better.

    “Gusto kong pumuti, gusto kong kuminis, gusto ko crush din ako ng crush ko,” wrote Villanueva.

    As teenagers, this has always been what we wanted the most: to love and be loved back. And for young people, especially among the present generation, looking beautiful or looking handsome is a big factor in actualizing this. Although we can never generalize, the fact remains that most youths nowadays deem beauty and appeal necessary and crucial to infatuation. And so we crave for it.

    Villanueva also disclosed in his Facebook post why “looking good” is a “big deal” for him. Revealing himself to be a victim of bullying, he has been subject to “self-pity” which soon led to his awesome transformation.

    “Big deal toh para saken kasi lumaki akong laging binu-bully. Dumaan ako sa point of self pitty, I even asked myself what's wrong with me. Then I started to realize that I need to transform myself,” Villanueva wrote optimistically.

    Following his call to change, Villanueve had undergone a lot of crucial yet typical techniques to transform his physical appearance from a then chubby, fair-skinned teenager with a pimpled face into a physically fit, with relatively light complexion, and a pimple free, smooth and vibrant skin.

    “I took gluta, some collagen and started my diet. I enrolled myself to a GYM, hindi ako huminto until I was able to reach my ideal weight. Binago ko rin ang lifestyle ko. I changed the way I dress myself at marami pang iba,” Villanueva claimed explaining the methods he underwent in order to achieve his current look, stunningly different from the previous version of himself.

    “Ang saya saya ko kasi nakita ko may nagbago. May naiba. Some people might think na GGSS ako, and Yes, I am. Kahit ano pang sabihin ng ibang tao, patuloy akong mag-iimprove para sa sarili ko," Villanueva claimed consequently, prepared of an answer whenever people criticize him for his narcissistic tendencies. After all, as what Villanueva had been claiming, you should put yourself above other people’s criticisms.

    And to finally conclude his so-called “life-changing” post, Villanueva gave a significant advice addressed to people who, like him, have been bullied. Claiming that they should not allow other people to continue to bring them down, Villanueva urged to prove this ilk of people wrong.

    “Para sa mga taong kagaya ko na na-bully at binubully, huwag kang magpapadala sa mga taong pilit kang binababa. Prove them wrong.”

    Villanueva then ended his post with a meaningful message and a significant challenge:

    “The best project you can ever work on is YOU. Kung gusto mo ng pagbabago, umpisahan mo sa sarili mo.”

    Source: Dave Villanueva | Facebook
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