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    Friday, June 16, 2017

    Liberal Party: The epic fail coalition

    “A political party that is about appearances, images, falseties and niceties can never fail to keep up its pretensions. Their epic failures in two administrations whose histories are heavily dotted and posterized with massacres and corruption are yellow washed with their publicity gimmicks and events.”

    That’s how netizen Rocky Gonzales characterized the Liberal Party, in a status posted by him in his Facebook account.

    Also contained in the Facebook post were speculations, against the front-runners of the LP then headed by former President Noynoy Aquino.

    The said post started with Gonzales bringing up how the opposition feasted over a “petty” issue of President Duterte skipping a ceremonial rite in connection to the previous 119th celebration of Philippine Independence. Gonzales even mentioned how the particular incident urged some identified members of the opposition to conclude that the chief executive was “derelict” of his duties. 

    “In the aftermath of an Independence Day fraught with battles, physical, political and ideological, the Yellows particularly Leah Navarro, Vicky Garchitorena as well as their failed trumpeters Raissa Robles and Maria Ressa are frothing in the mouth. Duterte did not do his duty to party,” wrote Gonzales.

    This was followed by an enumeration of a 20-item list of controversies, anomalies, and discrepancies authored and initiated by the said party which are as follows:

    “Manila Hostage; Mamasapano #SAF44; Al Barka; Kidapawan;Zamboanga Siege; Hacienda s:  Luisita massacre; Hacienda Luisita slavery; MRT degradation; Tanim-bala; License plate controversy; License card controversy; Loss of Spratlys; Yolanda mishandling; Yolanda funds; CJ Corona's abuse; PDAF scam; DAP scam; PNoy's presidential pork; LP using govt funds for campaigns; Mendiola Massacre.”

    Claiming that these issues were disregarded and unresolved by the previous Aquino administration, Rocky Gonzales, who's also a social media warrior and a staunch supporter of President Duterte wrote that:

    “…this is by no means an exhaustive list of the tragedies that the oligarchy and LP saw fit to party over instead of address. All these were forcibly pushed out of sight and mind in favor of festivals and festivities. But not in the age of Duterte.”

    Gonzales then gave some positive remarks commending President Duterte for his values, principles, and high sense of responsibility.

    Duterte will not choose pleasantries over public outrage. He will never choose wine over weeping. He is always with the pained and dejected. He is first a president to the needy than the political party goers. He chooses the glum and morose over the glamorous. He stands where he is needed not where he is just wanted. His duty is first and foremost about the needs of the country to be able to be a strong, independent and sovereign state where every Filipino can stand in front of the flag with their hand proudly on their chest and not just a few,” Gonzales asserted.

    Came after this is a short note of scrutiny by Gonzales distinguishing Duterte apart from his adversaries.

    “Duterte is not Aquino who will choose ribbon cuttings and weddings over welcoming the remains if our brave and gallant fallen heroes," wrote Gonzales.

    He added, "He will never be a Leni saluting to a flag she could not defend when Yolanda survivors needed housing. He is not the Liberal Party who will manipulate the legislature and judiciary using unconstitutional funds to remove his political enemies. He will not cheat nor steal nor party instead of being on the ground where he is needed.”

    Gonzales concluded his post laying out one obvious premise which explains why Duterte has always been a subject of speculation by the LP-referred to by Gonzales as the “oligarchs”. Assured that Duterte will always go for the welfare of his countrymen always willing to go against the desires of his enemies, Gonzales characterized Duterte as the “people’s president”.

    “So, every time there is a conflict between his duty to ordinary citizens and fallen soldiers, and duty to the oligarchy, rest assured that Duterte will falter in one. He will always be guilty of dereliction of duty to party with the oligarchy. This is why he is the people's president. This is why the oligarchs hate him. And this is why the majority love him,” Gonzales concluded.

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