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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017

    MUST READ: Leni Robredo and her secret haters

    Why is it that Leni Robredo is always caught attending certain inappropriate events or occasions? 

    Why is it that whenever she goes, a photo of her, no matter how secret or private her trips are, a photo of her always leaks?

    That was the question posed by a distinguished writer, Krizette Laureta Chu in her Facebook status.

    Speculating on the vice president being always “caught in action”, Chu referred to President Rodrigo Duterte’s five-day absence as a reference.

    “Five days nawala si Duterte. Ultimo supporters niya hindi alam kung nasaan siya. Pag wala sa Malacanang, walang masyadong balita kahit na Ilang PSG ang bantay at mahirap maging incognito pag Presidente sa dami ng entourage,” Chu wrote, describing how difficult it is for the president to say hidden or concealed, yet he managed to do so for five long days.

    Chu then continued by contrasting Duterte’s case with that of Robredo claiming how evident Robredo’s trips and attended occasions have been. As how she wrote it on her post:

    “Si Leni, BAWAT lakad, kahit dapat secret like South Korea, kahit "BY INVITATION ONLY" in a "private estate in California," ULTIMO YUNG KAKAIN NA LANG SYA SA ISANG HIGH CLASS CONDO SA NEW YORK NA SUPER SECURE NA DAPAT, lahat may nag le leak na photo, kahit nasaan siya. ISIPIN MO YAN, kahit na Lang kakain siya sa isang garden sa California kahit private house, may picture pa.”

    When asked what do these publicized secret affairs by Leni mean, Chu said that Leni has secret haters everywhere even from her own circle or it could be that, Duterte’s allies are “omnipresent”.

    “WHAT DOES IT MEAN? That even within Leni's own circle people hate her. People she allow to enter her world. And also this means that there are secret Duterte supporters EVERYWHERE. (Everywhere, everywhere!) even in the most private dining rooms,” Chu wrote conclusively followed by a short caution addressed to Robredo or perhaps to her stalwarts to refrain from messing with Duterte and his loyal allies.

    “KAYA DONT US.” Chu ended.

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