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    Friday, June 2, 2017

    Lawyer hits Leni's Laylayanomics: “ANO NA NAMAN ITO???”


    That was the question asked by Atty. Bruce V. Rivera in one of his Facebook post on Friday. 

    Rivera speculated the Vice President’s lack of concern for the ongoing crises faced by our country, claiming that despite these mishaps Leni chose to do some lectures, speech or whatnot referred to by Rivera as “mysterious” acts.

    “Habang nakikipagbakbakan ang mga sundalo natin sa Marawi, habang marami sa atin ang tulala pa sa mga nasawi sa Resorts World dahil lamang sa kabaliwan ng isang tao, may kababalaghan na namang ginawa si Madame [referring to Vice President Leni Robredo],” stated the well-known lawyer.

    Affixed in the said Facebook post by Rivera is a controversial photo showing VP Leni delivering a speech or a presentation in an unidentified occasion. The catch was, in that particular photo, Leni was caught discussing a peculiar term, coined perhaps, which reads “Laylayanomics” and bears this description: 

    “Those in the fringes of the society deserve more of our effort and time than any member of our society.”

    The said term, explicitly seen to be discussed by the VP, was pointed out by Atty. Rivera in his said Facebook post.

    “Kung may Dutertenomics si Pangulo, may Laylayanomics si Pang-gulo. At sasabihin na naman ng mga supporters niya na anong masama dun?”

    Atty. Bruce Rivera, answering his own question, addressed to VP Leni Robredo, used the 1987 Philippine Constitution as reference. Atty. Rivera also cited why the vice president’s lack of action caused her removal from certain political offices. 

    “Nagbabasa ba kayo [referring to Leni’s supporters]  ng 1987 Constitution, mga aswang?? Walang kapangyarihan ang Bise maliban na lang sa ibibgay sa kanyang portfolio pero inalis din siya kasi nga walang ginawa,” Rivera claimed.

    Rivera furthered his speculations, asking the Vice President how or in what way does this “Laylayanomics” which she was caught discussing be applied. Rivera even mentioned the Maute terror group to be the subject of Leni’s presentation claiming that “Laylayanomics” perhaps refers to the members of the Maute as “fringes of society”.

    “Saan mo implement yan? At sinong "fringes of society" ang sinasabi mo na kailangan protektahan? Sinong mga retazo ng lipunan ang nais mong suportahan? Ahhh, baka yung mga teroristang Maute, mga drug-lord at mga oportunista. Memasabi ka lang ha...” Rivera speculated.

    Rivera simply ended his speculative facebook post with a short statement, a proposition directed against the Vice President.

    “Impeach na kasi yan....[referring to Leni],”concluded Rivera.

    Source: Bruce V. Rivera | Facebook

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