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    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    Krizette Chu slams CBCP for wanting to penalize fake news: "You just want to shut them up"

    Well-known writer Krizette Laureta Chu on Tuesday expressed her sentiments through Facebook regarding the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) controversial propaganda against fake news where several news portals and websites have been tagged as “unreliable news sources”.

    Asking the CBCP about the real nature of fake news, Chu back-fired the religious association with criticism claiming that: 

    “There's no fake news as much as it's distressing news. You [referring to the CBCP] just want to shut them up. You think if totoong fake news ang laman ni Thinking Pinoy, hindi siya idedemanda? Kasi sabi nga, DOESNT HAVE TO BE TRUE JUST NEEDS TO LOOK LIKE IT.”

    “Thinking Pinoy and Sass reporting fake news? Sue them. There's slander and libel. You have Jesus Falcis as your lawyer,” challenged Chu.

    She continued her claims by asking the same concern back to the CBCP. Enraged, the well known writer revealed certain malpractices practiced by some members of the religious association of which should be given more importance by the CBCP.

    “Eh yung mga NA COMA SI DUTERTE news? May na coma na ba for 3 days tapos lakad Lakad agad? Isa pa itong CBCP na ito, walang alam! Bantayan nyo ang rapist, pedophile, corrupt among your ranks, Hindi Kung ano ang laman ng social media. VERY PRAYLE LANG ANG PEG,” Chu claimed.

    Telling CBCP not to be blatant with their desire to hamper social media opinion which are against their interest and viewpoint, Chu challenged that CBCP is bound to face more sufferings that those websites specified on their list.

    “DO NOT BLANKET SOCIAL MEDIA OPINION UNDER "FAKE NEWS" JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT AGREE WITH IT…Puro kayo "BAYARAN!" walang proof. Asan? Kayo ang fake news. Puro charges walang proof. YES LETS PENALIZE FAKE NEWS. Let's see who will suffer more,” Chu concluded.

    Chu furthered challenging the CBCP to push for the penalization of fake news, and she wrote:

    “SUPER YES to penalizing fake news. Make sure it is fake news, and not something like Mocha's use of a Honduran soldiers photo to ask for prayers. Wag nitpicking lang. That's cheapening.”

    Imposing certain conditionality, Chu insisted that “the penalty for mainstream media should be 10x worse than the penalty for a regular person. Just like the penalty for erring authorities should be worse than regular people, mainstream media practitioners should be fined, sent to prison, and banned from ever practicing again.”

    “After all, expectations are high for those who are paid to be credible, paid to be unbiased, paid to be soldiers of truth and justice…ALL newspapers proven to exaggerate news or report fake news should be shut down…All these time, newspapers have been allowed the liberty to just print an erratum or shrug off major mistakes,” Chu continued acknowledging that the newspaper industry is one of the most common domains cultivating the culture of fake news dissemination.

    Conclusively, for the second time, Chu fervently challenged the CBCP to push for the imposition of penalty to those who are guilty of spreading fake news. As how she had put it on her post:


    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu
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