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    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    Krizette Chu lambasted Duterte haters: Do not underestimate the man

    “Anong sabi niyo kahapon? P15 million lang ang bigay ng China?!! Eh para sa DSWD pala yon.”

    That statement was an excerpt from a Facebook post published by a distinguished writer and a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu. 

    In the said post, Chu lambasted anti-Duterte critics for once again “feasting” over wrong information. 

    Claiming that the small amount of P15 million pesos was actually for the DSWD, Chu emphasized that Duterte’s haters should know that the China’s aid for Philippines’ Armed Forces costs a total of P370 million, and that’s only for the first batch.

    “Eto, ok na? Arms worth P370 million, without the US-style of meddling. According to Imee Callao, four big cargo planes from China brought over 50 million yuan worth of snipers, etc, as China's aid to the Philippines. FIRST BATCH,” Chu stated.

    Tireless of continuously reminding all anti-Duterte critics of how “wonderful” and responsible President Duterte is, Chu wrote in her post that the haters of the present administration should avoid “speaking too soon” so that the truth won’t “blow up in their faces”.

    “Here's what you should know about Duterte: You do not underestimate the man. Do not speak too soon because it ALWAYS blows up in your face. Remember, you said he was comatose and dying when he was down low visiting evacuation centers without the cameras that follow Leni Robredo,” Chu claimed.

    “Pahiya na naman. Kaya matuto kayo mag antay,” Chu added, advising them to learn how to be patient to avoid shaming themselves in public.

    Chu then continued expressing her love and regards to the President in a very profound manner.

    “Our love for this country and this man is a million-fold bigger than your hate for him. YOU WILL NEVER WIN. You and your negativity will never be able to pull this country down because we will work A HUNDRED TIMES as hard to lift it up. WE WILL FIGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY UNTIL OUR DYING BREATH,” stated the well-known writer.

    Chu also added, “You [referring to Duterte’s haters] have nothing on our endurance, our passion is a fire that blazes and consumes us. Your name calling is nothing but a pathetic gust of wind that only serves to fan the flames of our nationalism.”

    Concluding her post, Chu talked about how powerful Love is. Claiming that Duterte’s supporters and allies have been founded on and fueled by love, Chu then wrote:

    “After all, LOVE is greater than hate. HATE doesn't move mountains, LOVE does….We run on love; we are fueled by love. We will outlast you until your hate consumes you….We will build this country, with or without you.”

    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu
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