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    Wednesday, June 28, 2017

    LOOK: Journalist slams Rappler for biased reporting

    “The online-only news site Rappler, funded by Americans and controlled by a mining and property tycoon, has done it again, this time claiming that President Duterte’s “costly” foreign trips reflect his exorbitant lifestyle.”

    That’s how journalist, Rigoberto Tiglao started his online article entitled “Duterte’s 21 foreign trips should be applauded, not rapplered.

    The said article which was published by Manila Times on Wednesday, speculates Rappler for its biased and slanted news reporting.

    “Rappler has demonstrated its anti-Duterte bias through a propaganda trick it has invented that I’d call rapplering. which I bet it will do again and again : Distort data to exaggerate things to paint the Duterte regime black,” Tiglao wrote.

    The said criticisms by Tiglao sprang up after Rappler published an article speculative of Duterte’s expensive trips abroad which cost P387 Million higher than previous administration’s expenses for foreign visits. Pointing out President Duterte's nature, Rappler wrote that:

    “President Rodrigo Duterte projects himself as a man of simple tastes, almost allergic to extravagance and unnecessary expenses. Yet Malacañang records show he spent about triple what his predecessors spent on foreign travels during his first year in power,” Rappler wrote.

    This particular line cited from a Rappler article was referred to by Bobi Tiglao as “classic rapplering”. While Rappler claims that its articles were al based from actual and credible government data obtained through Freedom of Information Bill, Tiglao pointed out that Rappler selectively omits significant data to slant their news articles with the aim of “painting the Duterte regime black”.

    In line to this, Tiglao criticized the writer of the said Rappler article whose identity Tiglao chose not to disclose. Asserting that Duterte’s travels abroad are never gallant as how the reporter had regarded it, Tiglao claimed that: 

    “I suspect the Rappler reporter who wrote critically over Duterte’s trips has never traveled abroad. If she did, she would have an inkling that foreign trips on government time aren’t as romantic as tourist vacations shown in TV advertisements. Foreign government trips are the most hectic and tiring part of any President’s job."

    Nearing the end of his article, Tiglao claimed that instead of “nitpicking” on Duterte’s actual expenses for his trips abroad, Filipinos shoud be thankful and grateful that the old President has been very ardent in improving the country’s economy by his efforts to improve the Philippines’ economy and international relations.

    “Rather than nitpicking on how much Duterte may have spent in his trips abroad, we should admire that this former mayor of what is really a frontier city has hit the ground running in visiting nearly two dozen countries in order to enhance our diplomatic ties abroad and to strengthen our role in multilateral bodies such as Asean, Apec and the East Asia Summit. His predecessor Aquino visited only 11 countries in his first year in office. I myself had not thought that Duterte with his clumsy, Bisayan English and ill-tailored suits would have the confidence to meet with world leaders.”

    In conclusion, Tiglao finished his article with an affirmation of how Duterte’s trips have been a struggle for the 72-year old man while at the same time slamming Rappler for its subjective reporting.

    “For a 72-year-old grandfather like Duterte, who is so tied to his Davao home and to his own bed, foreign trips would be a real struggle. Yet this American-funded, tycoon-controlled news site claims his foreign trips demonstrate his exorbitant lifestyle,” Tiglao ended.

    Source: Manila Times
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