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    Tuesday, June 6, 2017

    International Law Expert urges DOJ and OP: "Please review the amnesty of Trillanes"

    Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack on Tuesday lambasted Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for his unrestrained multiple attempts to oust the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

    Atty. Knack reiterated the ulterior attempt of Senator Trillanes to remove President Duterte from his position.

    She further mentioned how Trillanes had been so engrossed to bring down Aquino’s previous administration but obviously failed. 

    “This is not a joke anymore, this is a series of serious attempts to remove the head of state by a brazen senator who is known for his failed attempt to overthrow a previous administration. ETO NA NAMAN. ENOUGH!" stated Defensor-Knack.

    Affixed in the said post by Knack is a photo containing Trillanes’ picture with a note addressed to the DOJ and OP which reads:

    “Dear DOJ and OP, Please review the amnesty of Trillanes because his multiple attempts to remove the head of state is ILLEGAL. VERY SERIOUS CRIME. Talagang brazen criminal ito [referring to Trillanes]. Hindi nakatikim ng parusa kasi eh!”

    Defensor-Knack, who's also the sister of late Senator Miriam Santiago, even acknowledged the power of state and urged it [the government] to exercise its power to defend its current leader.

    “Govt. is  very powerful within its territory. USE THOSE POWER TO PROTECT THE HEAD OF STATE and the security of the country especially at a time of national emergency!” claimed Defensor-Knack, an international law expert.

    Knack further emphasized the same thought of holding Trillanes accountable for his illegal actions. She even mentioned Alejano to be on the same boat with Senator Trillanes in pursuit of overthrowing President Duterte from office.

    “The acts of Trillanes and Alejano are no longer legal. They cannot be judged in isolation from their and the yellows’ multiple, continuous, systematic, and insolent attempts to oust a sitting head of head, especially during a terrorist attack. It is time government exercises its powers,” Knack firmly claimed.

    Per Knack, if Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is still alive, she could have worked for the conviction of the two suspected individuals.

    “If Sen. Miriam was alive, she would have placed them [referring to Trillanes and Alejano] behind bars,” claimed Knack.

    In the end, Knack for the second time encouraged the government to exercise its power and protect President Duterte from being ousted from presidency. 

    “Government is POWERFUL IN ITS TERRITORY. NO ONE should take the powers of the head of state lightly. NO ONE.” concluded Knack.

    Source: Paula Defensor Knack | Facebook
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