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    Tuesday, June 13, 2017

    Former Presidential Assistant on EA slams Alejano for his 'idiotic' bill: "MAGDALO MORON"

    Jose Alejandrino, former General Manager at the Manila Chronicle, had published a highly criticizing Facebook post earlier today addressed to Congressman Gary Alejano, Madalo party-list representative.

    The said Facebook post entitled “MAGDALO MORON” by Alejandrino, scrutinizes Alejano for introducing a bill that aims to change the name of the Philippines. 

    “There is a moron by the name of Gary Alejano who is introducing a bill to change the name of the Philippines by a commission at a cost of 30-million pesos. As if that is not enough, he omitted the cost of reprinting government stationery, books, etc. at untold millions to reflect a new name for the country,” wrote Alejandrino, who is also the former Presidential Assistant on Economic Affairs under Ramos administration.

    Calling Alejano a “moron”, Alejandrino claims that Alejano is a “disgrace” to the Philippine Congress. Alejandrino even mentioned that coming up with “idiotic ideas” is where Alejano good at.

    “Alejano is the best example of a moron that graces - or rather disgraces - Congress. It is obvious he has nothing better to do than come out with idiotic ideas,” Alejandrino claimed.

    Meanwhile, the said bill authored by Alejano is House Bill No. 5867 or “An Act Constitutiing a Geographic Renaming Commission to Rename Our Country” and was filed last June 7 by Alejano himself.

    When asked why Philippines should be renamed, Alejano, quoted by CNN Philippines, wrote in an explanatory note that:

    “The reason for renaming our country is to throw away the vestiges of colonialism, to establish our national identity, and to define how our nation, our people, and our national language will be addressed internationally.”

    Alejandrino then followed the congressman’s point sarcastically by providing an “alternative” name for the Philippines.

    “What will he [referring to Alejano] suggest next? That the country be called Matalo so it rhymes with his party Magdalo? If Alejano is logical with himself, he will refuse to call himself a Pilipino because he doesn't like the name Pilipinas which he claims gives people a colonial mentality.”

    Alejandrino furthered his satirical statement by urging the public to call Alejano a “Magbobo” and points out Alejano’s lack of intelligence claiming that the congressman’s brain is “the size of a fly”.

    “Fine, let's call Alejano a Magbobo instead of a Pilipino. Magbobo from the country of Matalo and the party of Magdalo. Alejano the Magbobo. It fits well his brain which is the size of a fly,” Alejano concluded.

    Source: Jose Alejandrino | Facebook
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