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    Thursday, June 8, 2017

    Former DILG Secretary speculates on current Marawi crisis: "Pinapahiya at dinidikdik si President Duterte ng kalaban"

    The current crisis being faced in Mindanao, specifically in Marawi is a product of cumulative efforts and allegiance of numerous anti-government forces of the Philippines.

    With the end goal of overthrowing the present Duterte administration, these culprits from the opposition had continuously put President Rodrigo Duterte in a difficult situation.

    That was the claim, the major point of speculation posted by former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Rafael Alunan III in one of his Facebook posts.

    Alunan laid out his assumptions regarding the worsening Mindanao situation, and he has pointed out the opposition, the United States and Europe, as President Duterte’s primary antagonists.

    “Pinapahiya at dinidikdik si PRRD ng kalaban, isang malawak na koalisyon na nasa Pilipinas, Estados Unidos at Europa para patalsikin sa pwesto at makamtan muli ang poder, kriminaldad at katiwalian,” Alunan claimed.

    Moreover, Alunan claimed that one of the possible reasons why Philippine crisis is primarily focused on Mindanao, specifically in Marawi, is because it [Mindanao] happens to be President Duterte’s homeground. As how Alunan sees it, the enemies want to shame the president in his own land.

    “Itong mga ito ay mercenaries na konektado sa droga, terorismo, kriminalidad at matuwad na politiko. Mukhang pinapahiya si PRRD at ginagawa ang lahat para matalo sya sa kanyang homeground - Mindanao,” Alunan speculated.

    Alunan even mentioned how Duterte is connected to Marawi by acknowledging that some of the residents of the city are from Sulu and Lanao, and Duterte’s relatives are mainly from the two aforementioned locales.

    “Si PRRD ay may kamaganak na taga-Sulu at Lanao. Ang mga tumitira sa Marawi ay mga taga-Sulu at Lanao,” said Alunan.

    The said Facebook post has solicited further speculations from the public. 

    “We [directing to Alunan] have very similar readings. Also, those who are threatened by the tightening legal noose for plunder and past abuses are now all out for destabilization for their survival,” claimed one of the comments in Alunan’s post given by Edgardo J. T. Tirona.

    In addition, one of the netizen, named Minda S. Obeidat, also reacted to Alunan’s  post and said:

    “Sinisira nila si PRRD sa mga lugar na may sobrang pagmamahal kay PRRD ang mga tao. Pero hindi sila magtatagumpay, sa huli ay mananaig pa rin ang kabutihan at magandang intensyon ng mahal na pangulo.” 

    In the end of Alunan’s post, he reiterated that everything that is contained in his Facebook status are just his assumptions regarding the crisis faced by Philippines, particularly in the south and doe not totally vouch to the veracity and precision of his speculations.

    “Yan ang kutob ko, sa aking nakikita at nababasa. Kayo?” Alunan ended asking the public for their opinion.

    Source: Rafael Alunan III

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