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    Monday, June 19, 2017

    Fearless netizen lambasts arrogant anti-Duterte critics: "KNOW-IT-ALLS"


    That’s how fearless netizen, Bryan Ng Co, characterized most of Duterte’s critics especially those from the social media. Being an avid supporter and defender of the President, Ng Co discussed in his Facebook status how arrogant anti-Duterte critics have become given their groundless assumptions and illogical judgment on the president.

    “It is downright arrogant for people to assume that they know as much as a president of a nation does,” Bryan Ng Co emphasized in his status.

    Ng Co then continued with a series of unidentified critics who blatantly speculated or attacked the president in their respective social media accounts.

    “If you check Twitter, you'd find unschooled oncologists who, on Duterte's jacket choice alone, diagnosed him ill with cancer,” Ng Co claimed.

    “There was another unlicensed physician who, on snapshots of Duterte last Friday, pronounced him on death's door," he added.

    Then Bryan Ng Co proceeded by taking into account the comments coming from a student and a former celebrity. 

    “…another self-professed med student who, on the president's three-day media absence, called it the longest holiday from work of any country's leader. He asserted that the president wasn't doing anything simply because he hasn't seen him. And still another, a has-been celebrity, called his recent Martial Law imposition a "selfish act". Though she failed to qualify why she considered Proclamation 216 self-serving,” Ng Co wrote in his post.

    For his last point, Bryan Ng Co pointed out some public servants who, given their limited knowledge, speculates against the president arrogantly.

    “Then there are the usual suspects of the overweight and the overfed, over-indulgent and over-entitled, overpaid and over-talking public servants who act like they are privy to national security intel reports in the same way the chief executive is,” Ng Co asserted.

    Fearless Ng Co then hit on these “arrogant” critics by describing the two types of “know-it-all” people present in this country.

    “Our sense of entitlement as a people has bred two generations of know-it-alls who believe that just because they read Rappler's headlines that they now know everything a President knows. And more. In a population of 100 million, we probably have about 10 million know-it-all little presidents.” Ng Co wrote sarcastically.

    As a simple footnote, Ng Co wrote the following statement as conclusion: “What's that English saying again? Too many cooks spoil the broth? In RP [Philippines], we might as well say, too many presidents ruin a country.”

    Source: Bryan Ng Co | Facebook
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