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    Monday, June 26, 2017

    LOOK: Electoral materials found in school garbage heap

    In an online article published by Philstar, a news about the alleged disposal of certain electoral paraphernalias together with 60 envelopes containing election returns, was reported. Claiming that the said documents and equipments were retrieved by two garbage collectors in Mandaluyong, Philstar wrote that:

    “At least 60 envelopes containing election paraphernalia, including election returns and poll watchers’ identification cards for the Liberal Party (LP), were recovered by garbage collectors near a school in Mandaluyong City Wednesday, police said.”

    Eastern Police District’s (EPD) Chief Superintended, Romulo Sapitula, affirmed that investigations are ongoing to figure out the truth behind such inappropriate disposal of significant election materials.

    “We are still in the process of investigating as to why the election documents ended up in the pile of garbage,” Sapitula said.

    According to the article, the Chief Superintendent has also urged Senior Superintendent Joaquin Alva, to coordinate with the Commission on Elections to determine if the documents are authentic.

    Sapitula also said that “some of the envelopes contained election returns with the votes for Duterte for president and Bongbong Marcos for vice president.”

    The said article also narrated how the abovementioned documents and materials were obtained or retrieved. Wanting to elucidate details, Philstar wrote in their article that:

    “According to initial reports, Police Officer 3 Renan Patches and PO1s Jeason Pagsiat, Jenelin Conado, and Neslie Abad were conducting a clearing operation in Barangay Vergara when they chanced upon garbage collectors Rolando Regodo and Richard Luana segregating the election documents.”

    “Regodo and Luana, both stay-in employees of garbage hauling firm Expedition, claimed they collected the election paraphernalia from a garbage heap at Lourdes School on St. Francis street in Barangay Wack-Wack at around 9 a.m. Wednesday."

    The said online news article had ended with a descriptive summary of the recovered electoral paraphernalia from the two identified garbage collectors.

    “Sapitula said the police officers retrieved some 60 envelopes containing election returns, a voter’s identification card, Liberal Party (LP) poll watchers’ identification cards and other election paraphernalia from the two garbage collectors.”

    Source: Philstar
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