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    Friday, June 30, 2017

    Doctor hits Leni Robredo: 'Inuuna kasi ang self promotion'

    “Ginto na naging basura pa.”

    That has been the solid claim of Dr. Ethel Pineda, a medical practitioner and a staunch Duterte supporter. Acknowledging the so-called “peculiar talent” of Robredo in destroying an opportunity which could have been a “golden” one, Pineda wrote:

    “Leni Robredo has that peculiar talent of turning a golden opportunity on hand into an embarrassing failure….Bakit kamo?”

    Answering her own question, Pineda began explaining a typical culture in the US. In her explanation, Pineda claimed that it is actually normal for students, to leave “usable stuff” in common places. Thus, getting or utilizing these items is basically a “regular” and a “practical” thing to do according to Pineda.

    “Many people know that in developed countries like the United States, students leave their  still good, usable stuff in common areas for others to use because of the prohibitive cost of bringing those home (Boston to Salem, hello). It is the same in communities. There is no shame in getting these items; it’s perfectly regular and practical thing,” Pineda asserted.

    Pineda then abruptly maneuvered her discourse back to Robredo, criticizing her blatant intention to “put a spin” into what has been considered to be a “normal” US custom. Pineda also mentioned that by doing so, Robredo was expecting the the public to sympathize with her humble act.

    “The problem with Mrs. Robredo is she tried to put a spin into this. She was attempting to get some kind of sympathy and hoping that simple folk especially those in the laylayan of her vestida will identify with her. She was hoping that she would be seen as someone common and humble,” Pineda speculated.

    Firmly describing Robredo’s attempt as a failure, Pineda then explained what could have been the best thing Robredo did out of that issue. But since Robredo was “not astute enough”, as how Pineda characterized her, she failed to see the opportunity that was knocking at her face.

    “If Mrs. Robredo was astute enough, she could have turned it into her advantage by discarding her selfish agenda. She could have used it as an opportunity to push environmental issues like recycling and reducing carbon footprints. Who will disagree with that? Brownie points!” Pineda explained disappointed.

    “Eh kaso hindi. Kasi kulang sa pag-iisip,” stated Pineda.

    Pineda, in the latter part of her post, referred to Robredo as someone who lacks creativity, someone who prioritizes self-promotion above other things.

    “Walang creativity [referring to Leni Robredo]…Inuna kasi ang self promotion,” Pineda concluded.

    Source: Ethel Pineda
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