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    Wednesday, June 14, 2017

    Anti-Martial Law groups backfired with criticisms: Coalition of Evil?

    Jun Avelino, a BS International Relations graduate and a journalist, published a speculative online post regarding President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and his enemies which are the Liberal Party, Communist Party of the Philippines/New People's Army, and the Maute-ISIS terror group referred to by another netizen as a “Coalition of Evil”.

    “When Duterte decided to put the entire Mindanao islands under Martial law, everyone was caught by surprise. All elements in the country’s colorful political spectrum did not know where to position themselves immediately. Most of them looked at this development as an opportunity to inject their political agenda at the expense of the sufferings of the people of Marawi,” Avelino stated.

    Avelino continued referring to the CPP/NPA/NDF as the first group who blatantly opposed Duterte’s martial law declaration. According to Avelino these rebels wanted to “impress” the Filipino people by relaying that “they are the champion of the country’s human rights”. 

    “The first group to come out was the CPP/NPA/NDF which condemned the declaration and challenged it by ordering their own rebel troops to mount heightened attacks against government forces. Obviously, they were trying to impress upon the Filipino people that they are the champion of the country’s human rights and that by going against the Duterte decision, they will get the support of the public in fighting the anticipated human rights abuses,” Avelino stated.

    However, Avelino claimed that the said heightened attack to impress the people was a “miscalculation” or a shortcoming on the part of the rebel group.

    They has obviously failed to attain the “heroic status” they’ve been wanting to have. As a matter of fact, by doing so, they have subjected themselves to public ridicule from the Filipinos.

    “…the move proved to be a miscalculation on the part of the CPP/NPA/NDF. For one, after more than a week of the implementation of martial law, not a single human rights abuse was reported – ah, except for one rape joke of the President, and that’s it!...Worst, Filipinos now considered the extreme left forces as having connived with the Maute group to destabilize the country for attacking government forces while the latter are fighting the terrorists…..For the eyes of the many, NPAs are now synonymous with Mautes. After all, both groups have a lot in common…they spell the same outcome – murders of fellow Filipinos! And they call themselves revolutionary forces. My ass!” Avelino claimed.

    Second target of Avelino’s speculative post was the Liberal party. Accprding to him, LP’s outcry for people to convene against martial law gained no significant amount of attention from the public. Avelino even acknowledged the act of leaking confidential information from the martial law briefing by some LP senators, as a desperate move to attack the president but again, they have failed to do so.

    “In the case of the Liberal Party, they tried to convince the people to rally behind them in fighting Duterte to revoke the martial law declaration. Nobody paid attention to their clamor. Their desperate attempt became so obvious when after the Senate Executive Session on Martial law briefing, they leaked the information out to the public claiming that the government armed forces officials admitted that they can contain Maute group in Marawi and that no one recommended to the President to declare martial law. The public did no buy that fallacious argument.”

    Avelino even called out names from the opposition and described how their outcries made them as targets of various allegations including the notion that they are “pro-Maute”.

    “The same story happened in the lower house. After all the brouhaha, look at the faces of Trillanes, Alejano, Pangilinan, Drilon, Hontiveros, Aquino, et als. They are like poor babies crying over spilled milk and no one is paying attention to their cries. Worst, Filipinos view them as pro Maute because they want to stop martial law at the height of the Maute terror in Marawi,” Avelino claimed.

    Third target of Avelino’s post were “these self-righteous human rights activists and advocates who parroted their apocalyptic prophesy for the country with the declaration of Martial law in Mindanao, as if, the end of the world has come!”

    “For fuck sake, if martial law is evil, then why the hell would the framers of the recent constitution include that provision therein? They did so with all the safeguards to avoid abuses when a President declares one and our brilliant lawyers have already been spreading all in these information in the social media precisely to educate morons like you. So please, read and stop being perpetual idiots!” Jun Avelino rebutted.

    Mr. Jun Avelino also mentioned that: “When the dust settles down, Duterte will stand unscathed and bringing to us a new and positive perspective about martial law as a weapon against evil…And this will certainly put the Anti Duterte forces including CPP/NPA/NDF in a stalemate. They will be restrained from further mounting attacks against government forces including destabilization plots” According to him, ‘enough is enough”.

    In the end of his Facebook post, Jun Avelino concluded his online post by revealing the possible rationale behind these groundless outcries from the opposition especially from the Liberal Party and claimed that Anti-Duterte critics should stop imposing their political agendas in order to spare the citizens of Marawi City from grief and terror. 

    As how Jun Avelino had put it on his post:

    “By now, the anti Duterte forces should stop exploiting the sufferings of the people of Marawi for their political grandstanding. They should just allow the government forces to exterminate those Maute rats to abbreviate the grief of our muslim brothers and sisters…more importantly, you should now focus on answering the corruption issues which will soon be filed against you in relation to DAP and PDAP. After all, this is the principal reason why you have been trying to keep this government from taking off – your fear of being held answerable for your crimes against the Filipino people,” Avelino concluded.

    Source: Jun Avelino | Facebook
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