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    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    1st year of Leni Robredo: From an opulent party goer to an instant garbage digger?

    Weeks after the controversial US trip of Vice President Leni Robredo to attend a fund-raising activity for the benefit of the Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra (FASO), criticisms regarding her lavishing a gallant and extravagant affair in US did not cease.

    Moreover, the controversy drew bigger attention shortly after Robredo, in her radio program, claimed that she and her daughter Aika, intending to justify herself and rebuke the “opulent” image induced by her trip, actually “scavenged” along garbage heaps in Boston.

    “The image of partying in LA wearing an expensive blue gown, side by side with that of her and her daughter acting like hobos digging into garbage bins in Boston, is just too much of a story to digest. It is simply a hard sell at a time when our soldiers are fighting a war and dying in Marawi.”

    That’s how Antonio P. Contreras, a full time professor at De La Salle University and a distinguished political analyst, attacked the above-stated issue. In his online article published in Manila Times, Contreras elaborated his personal take on the issue.

    “It has been a while since I have written something about Leni Robredo. I made a promise that I will give myself a break. Commenting on Leni’s public conduct is like critiquing a poorly crafted B-movie. It became an unnecessary preoccupation that took so much time away from more productive endeavors,” Contreras wrote.

    “Leni is such an unpopular political figure,” he claimed.

    “A phalanx of angry faces frantically floats across the screen from right to left every time her face appears. Her radio program gets very little views on video-streaming, that at one time it took her three days to pass the 1,000 mark.” 

    According to Contreras, he opted to focus on other significant issues as a means to forget the “unpleasant” impression the vice president gives him. However, Leni just keeps on getting to his nerve so he finally chose to break his promise [of not criticizing the vice president].

    “So, I thought moving to other issues that are more important to the life of the nation would make me forget her. And there are just so many, like the threats from terrorism, or from a House of Representatives on the warpath, or from a Catholic Church that would like to police what we read, or from Senator Joel Villanueva who wants to legislate truth….But Leni Robredo is like an unwanted gift that keeps on giving,” said Contreras.

    With the aim of giving Robredo some significant advice urging her to fire her PR team for the “disoriented” they had caused her, Contreras wrote:

    “I want to give her some advice. She should fire her PR team, and hire a crisis communication specialist like Olivia Pope….She should also consider taking some time off to learn the gift of silence. She needs this to recover from her US trip that has turned into a PR disaster of her own doing.”

    Wanting to shed light on the controversial issue, Contreras, still on his Manila Times article, laid out facts regarding Robredo’s US trip.

    “She went to the US and attended a lavish, pompous, opulent party in Los Angeles which in fact was thrown to honor music, with her as the guest of honor…She wore an elegant, blue gown, designed to look like a throwback to when Marie Antoinette was queen, if we judge by the upswept, cantilevered look of its backside….There was no doubt. With at least a $300 price tag per plate, the FASO event wrote opulence so clear that only the dense would not know that it was an expensive elitist occasion, a far cry from the “laylayan” from which Leni drew her political slogan,” Contreras explained.

    Claiming that he at first actually did not mind Robredo travelling abroad to attend to her daughter’s educational needs. Contreras wrote that the instance actually made him “admire” the vice president stating that “there is something admirable” with Robredo as a parent.

    “Actually, I would not have minded much her partying in LA. And in my book, I even personally found as overly nitpicking those who criticized her for attending to her daughter who was enrolling at Harvard. I would have done the same thing if it were my children. She even made me realize that there is something in her that is admirable, and that is in her being a loving parent. After all, being a parent has no expiration date,” Contreras asserted.

    However, negation followed shortly after Robredo tried to justify herself by providing the public with disoriented and quite “unacceptable”excuses.

    “On her radio program upon her return, she practically negated her winning moment of being a caring mother by telling us that in order to be so she had to spend two days with her daughter scavenging for usable stuff from heaps of Boston garbage,” Contreras wrote.

    The De La Salle Professor also added that: “This is the moment that really bothered me. It was just too much that it came from someone who wore an opulent dress at a lavish party in LA, and who could afford to pay for an expensive Harvard education for her daughter.”

    Contreras further speculated on the vice president’s remarks by claiming that everything Robredo had said does not fit accordingly. “Outlandishly grotesque” as how Contreras viewed it.

    “It is simply so outlandishly grotesque that she would now make us believe that she would go over garbage bins in Boston to scavenge for plates, and spoons and forks, and comforters, and hangers, and alarm clocks, and an old TV set, if she was lucky,” stated Contreras.

    Source: Antonio P. Contreras | Manila Times
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