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    Wednesday, May 3, 2017

    Writer to New York Times criticizing Duterte: Who died and made you king of the world?

    Writer Krizette Laureta Chu blasted the New York Times on her Facebook page after the newspaper said in their editorial that for the United States, President Rodrigo Duterte is "neither a democratic leader or a worthy ally".
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    In its editorial on Tuesday, the NYT said that Duterte does not deserve the invitation to the White House from US President Donald Trump.

    The paper said that Duterte allowed death squads to kill petty criminals and political enemies while he was Davao City Mayor.

    “This is obviously not a man who should be welcomed to the White House,” adding that the President cursed at their former leader, Barack Obama.

    NYT also criticized Trump for his “authoritarian tendencies and his fondness for strongman leaders who, like him, chafe ar governmental checks and balances, including the courts.”

    “Mr. Trump reportedly admires Mr. Duterte’s aggressive rhetoric about fighting the Islamic State and cracking down on drugs."

    Chu reacted by aggressively asking the paper on what made them think they had the right to comment such.

    "Gasp, did the UN die and you're suddenly the mediating power on Earth?" she said.

    "WOW! so much power for a newspaper that's selling subscriptions for a few dollars!" she added.

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