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    Thursday, May 11, 2017

    Writer to Mariel De Leon: Real queens would never say something so haughty and conceited

    Dear Mariel de Leon,

    You're right, it's your right to say whatever you want to say about Mocha Uson or you know, the President's right to choose his own appointees, which is part of his privilege and is also a burden.

    The thing is, Mariel, while you can say whatever you want to say, a beauty queen who represents the entire Philippines--you know, not just the 15 percent of the country who hates Duterte--has to have this tiny little thing called "diplomacy." To say what they want to say in a diplomatic, non-arrogant, non-demeaning manner.

    Saying things like, "There are so many unbiased, educated, and respected (respectful) people who deserve her place" is NOT diplomatic.

    I demurred from joining Binibining Pilipinas in 2014 because there was no way I could smile and say good things about the PH when Aquino ran this country to the ground. I chose a private life instead because I have zero diplomacy skills and beauty queens who promote world peace and all that need to know diplomacy. (Charot lang.)

    A real queen--in a beauty pageant or otherwise, like real queens, you know--would never say something so haughty and conceited. You are representing the Philippines, not just your own crowd.

    I am sure an unbiased, educated, and respected (respectful) beauty queen who deserves her place would have posted an equally honest but not-so-feelingera tweet.

    Good luck with getting massive support. But then you said crown over country, right? So I hope after your bid, you really go on to do something for the country.

    Krizette Laureta Chu
    Photo Source: Facebook and Coconuts Media

    Source: Facebook

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