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    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    Writer to Callamard: 'You have no background on drugs, kapal ng mukha mo, bruha ka'

    Writer Krizette Laureta Chu in her Facebook account blasted United Nations Special Rapporteur on summary killings Agnes Callamard who recently visited the country without informing the Philippne government.

    Chu criticized how Callamard claimed that the war on drugs perpetrated by President Rodrigo Duterte in the country is not working.
    Photo by GMA Network

    "Agnes Callamard, who has no firsthand experience in fighting a drug war in a country like the Philippines, and who has zero experience in government, says this from her ivory tower, "War on drugs does not work," she said.

    Chu questioned the UN official's statement, saying that if she knew the solution to the problem, "why doesn't she tell the world?"

    She also criticized how the Human Rights expert is speaking about drugs.

    "Agnes, a quick view of your work experience says your work background is on HUMAN RIGHTS, never drugs, pharmacology, chemistry, psychology. You have no BACKGROUND on drugs," Chu said.

    "Kapal mong makapag sabi ng drugs do not cause brain damage and drug war does not work, bruha ka," she added.

    She said she will drag Callamard into drug dens.

    "YOU KNOW NOTHING, AGNES. Hilahin kita sa mga drug den. Tignan natin kung masabi mo pa rin yan after 24 hours," Chu added.

    She said that the UN official is like the Liberal Party who have also been the face of Duterte's opposition.

    "You're just like LP, you know, MARU. Nagmamarunong," she further wrote.

    Chu also posted a photo of Callamard and Duterte with words, "People who say "it cannot be done", should not interrupt those who are doing it."

    The Malacanang Palace has also expressed its dismay at Callamard's failure to inform them of her trip.

    Meanwhile, the UN official denied the allegations of going to the country to investigate Duterte's drug war.

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