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    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    Writer: Leni radio show a "desperate attempt" to pull up ratings

    Krizette Laureta Chu, a writer and alumnus of the New York University, said that Vice President Leni Robredo's new weekly show is desperate attempt by her handlers.

    The show will be aired in RMN-DZXL every Sunday at 9am and will run for an hour.
    Photo by Leni Robredo PH | Facebook

    According to the network, the program Biserbisyong Leni will tackle public service topics and the VP who is a lawyer, will offer advice to listeners when they ask for it.

    Chu said that for the part of the radio network, it doesn't make sense financially to give a radio show to someone whose ratings continue to spiral down.

    According to Pulse Asia, Robredo's ratings have dropped significantly, and is now near the lowest score attainable.

    Chu said that the only reason Robredo agreed to do the show was to increase her ratings and engage with the masses.

    "But knowing Leni, she'll likely put her foot in her mouth more than she will endear herself to the masses. She'll likely reveal her ignorance and her biases more than be a beacon of hope and bringer of joy," she said.

    "Kasama daw ang pag bigay niya ng legal advice sa talk show na ito. LOL.Tawagan niyo naman kung may chance mag accept ng calls sa listeners: Ask her kung totoo ang WAC allegations at bakit di niya dineclare ang Meralco sa SALN niya," she added.

    The VP faces public scrutiny since she was removed of her post in President Rodrigo Duterte's cabinet and started to be vocal about her oppositions on his war against drugs.

    A video message which has sent to the United Nations seemingly asking for help to stop the extrajudicial killings in the country, with the implication that it was from Duterte's drug war methods, earned her an impeachment complaint.

    Her Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth which amount to a mere eight million have also been questioned by the public who considered her lifestyle, and who were curious as to why she did not include in it Meralco shares she previously admitted to owning.

    A website We Are Collective (WAC) has also criticized the VP, revealing her alleged crimes while serving Naga City. 

    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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