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    Thursday, May 11, 2017

    UP Doctor to DOH and other PH health Orgs: 'Your silence on Callamard, Hart statement is deafening'

    University of the Philippines doctor Ethel Pineda through her Facebook account, called on to Philippine medical associations to give a statement countering the claim of United Nations rapporteur Agnes Callamard that Methamphetamine, or commonly called Shabu,  has no brain damaging effect.

    Callamard on a speech quoted a professor Carl Hart who said that there was "no evidence that Shabu leads to violence or causes brain damage.”
    Photo source: Facebook, Philstar

    "I have been waiting for the Department of Health, the Philippine Medical Association, the Philippine College of Physicians, and other medical professional associations to declare categorically their stand on these statements. Are the keepers of this nation's health listening? Why are they quiet?" the doctor said.

    She criticized how they remain silent, despite innumerable scientific literature that provide evidence that Methamphetamine use is dangerous, alongside extensive clinical experience of the ill effects of the drug on the body.

    Pineda also brought up  Republic Act No.9165, also known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 "which is a thoroughly studied law that was a product of collaboration between law enforcement agencies, health specialists and the legislative body."

    She reminded these organizations have a duty to correct information disseminated to the public.

    "The DOH, PMA, PCP and the like owe the public information and guidance. To be remiss on this is a dereliction of duty. Let them not be accused of laziness, reprehensible ignorance, an embarrassing colonial mentality or, worse, an underlying political bias," she said.

    "We, the people, are waiting," she added.

    The UN official's visit to the Philippines took the country by surprise as it was not announced prior her appearance at an academic forum by the Commission on Human Rights.

    The administration of President Rodrigo Duterte expressed its dismay at the turn of events.

    CHR Chair Chito Gascon defended Callmard and said that the rapporteur on extrajudicial killings' visit was not to investigate on human rights situation of the country but was purely "academic".

    Source: Facebook | Ethel Pineda

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