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    Friday, May 26, 2017

    MUST READ: The two sides of the Marawi City terror

    “The action of the ISIS-inspired Maute Group was planned by the Duterte administration to give the president an excuse to declare martial law in Mindanao.”

    This is what politicians who are critical of the administration, assumed during their so-called “field day” last May 24 where they accused the government of “masterminding the terrorist crisis in Marawi City”.

    In an article published by Jojo Robles, a columnist in Manila Standard, a group of politicians spread a particular controversy emphasizing the president’s absence when the attack happened.

    “The accusation followed an earlier narrative gleefully spread by the same group of politicians asking where Duterte was while Marawi was being besieged by Maute terrorists waving the dreaded black ISIS flag. When it became clear that Duterte would be cutting his historic trip to the Russian Federation short in order to address the crisis personally, they shifted to the more conspiratorial theory that the President himself had staged the crisis,” claimed Robles.

    Robles also acknowledge that while terrorism attacks other countries cause the people to “immediately galvanize into action and unite in purpose”, the Philippines has an absurd perspective on terrorism.

    “In the Philippines, opposition politicians think nothing of using a terrorist attack to further their partisan agenda,” said the columnist.

    Jojo Robles, however presented certain premises aimed at falsifying the said accusation charged against President Duterte.

    “Why on earth would Duterte haul himself—and his biggest delegation of Filipino government officials and businessmen to go abroad so far—halfway around the world to meet a man he has always said he admires if he was only preparing an alibi for when the Maute attacked Marawi?

    And why would he cut short his trip when he hadn’t met Putin yet, even if he did convince the Russian leader to talk to him right before he flew back home in a huff?” the well-known columnist asserted.

    On a much convincing light, Jojo Robles laid out another possibility that reinforces the staginess of Marawi City siege. This time, considering the “Cui bono” theory which postulates that whoever stands to benefit the most from a crime is at the head of the line in the search for its perpetrators, Robles claimed that the “cui” is definitely not the jet-lagged President Rodrigo Duterte, who spent exactly twenty four (24) hours in Moscow and nearly two days in a plane coming and going. 

    It must be someone else. Perhaps the opposition is the “cui”.

    “One of the most curious incidents was the presence in Marawi City of Liberal Party Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino a few days before the Maute siege," he wrote.

    Jojo Robles clarifies that he does not mean to accuse Senator Bam Aquino of becoming an accomplice to such attacks, by personally go to Marawi City days before the accident and make sure that the attack is plotted out well.

    “I’m not saying that ‘Bambam’ Aquino, who became senator by impersonating his dead uncle Ninoy, was in Marawi to make sure everything was in place for the terrorist attacks—but if the Yellows can accuse Duterte of planning a terror strike with absolutely no evidence, then Aquino’s presence in Marawi is a bit more substantial,” Robles stated.

    Another concern Robles raised in his article was the sudden involvement of the vice president Leni Robredo in a security briefing at the military headquarters when she, long before, has never taken initiative to counter terrorism.

    “Vice President Leni Robredo got into the act, attending a security briefing at the military headquarters shortly before Duterte arrived yesterday. Nobody appointed Robredo caretaker of government while the president was away, of course, and she certainly has shown no prior interest or aptitude in counter-terrorism; but there she was, suddenly “taking charge,” even when it became clear that Duterte was returning—or perhaps to cover her tracks if she is accused of being in league with the Yellows in setting up the Maute,” Robles asserted.

    Robles concluded his article claiming that the real accomplice behind the allegedly “staged” Marawi incident will soon be found out after appropriate investigation takes place.

    “The coming days will probably show, when the proper investigating bodies start conducting their work, who really backed the Marawi terror attacks. If Duterte is found to have planned them, well, he’s even more Machiavellian than anyone has ever given him credit for,” Robles ended.

    Source: Manila Standard
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