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    Tuesday, May 2, 2017

    President Duterte: Trillanes doesn't understand politics

    President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Monday said that Senator Antonio Trillanes does not have the intellectual capability to understand politics.
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    This is in reaction to Trillanes' tirade against Duterte, whom he said weakened the Philippines' claim to the West Philippine Sea.

    Duterte failed to mention the territory and the United Nation Arbitral Ruling which voided China’s 9-dash claim in this closing statement as chair of the ASEAN Leaders Summit held in Manila.

    “What does he… Ang alam ni… He does not know about geo politics. Trillanes is only good for compass,” said Duterte.

    He said that it is futile to raise the issue in the SEAN and force China to respect the UN ruling and vacate the premises of the Spratly Islands.

    “It would not be good because any violence now would result only in both sides losing. There is no winner actually. Iyong giyera na ito ngayon, pag ka sumabog lahat ‘yan,” said Duterte.

    Trillanes has been one of the faces of Duterte's administration, vocally opposing the President and he participated actively in the hearing with Edgar Matobato who pinpointed at Duterte for the creation of the infamous Davao Death Squad.

    President Duterte has also responded with several tirades to the incumbent senator.

    Source: Politiko

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