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    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    PH UN Ambassador: ICC complaint vs Duterte dead

    According to Philippine ambassador to the United Nations Teodoro Locsin Jr, the complaint filed against President Rodrigo Duterte in the International Criminal Court by Atty Jude Sabio is "dead as a door nail", thanks to the recent visit of United Nations rapporteur Agnes Callamard.

    The ICC complaint was on grounds of summary executions allegedly perpetrated by the President.
    Photo by ABS-CBN News

    “Thank you, Agnes. The ICC case is dead. Trust me on this. Dead as a door nail,” Locsin said in a Twitter post.

    This was after the UN official visited the country for an event by the Commission on Human Rights last week without prior announcement to the Philippine government.

    Locsin did not disclose an explanation for his statement, yet ran a series of tweets which lambasted Callamard.

    "She says to attend an academic conference but she effectively disqualified herself from any further official role investigating the drug war,” one twee read.

    "She just abused her UN position and that disqualifies her from any further official role in a UN investigation,” he added.

    Locsin made another tweet calling Callamard an "ignorant fool" who knew little about the Philippines' drug problem.

    When asked if he thinks Callamard is connected to the Liberal Party, he said, “I don’t think she is. She is a stand-alone conceited fool and totally ignorant of the drug problem.”

    The ambassador said that Callamard gave a sense of nationalism to Filipinos.

    “She did in one day what Jose Rizal used his whole life including his death to pull off: give Filipinos a sense of their country."

    Callamard has denied allegations of her unannounced visit, claiming that she informed the Palace earlier, but the latter denied and said that she only confirmed her visit on the day that she flew to the country.

    The UN Human Rights Council will hold the Universal Period Review to study the global human rights situation and Representatives from Kenya, Paraguay and Switzerland are assigned for PH.

    Special rapporteurs such as Callamard will not be part of the review as it only involves official delegates of governments sitting in the council.

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