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    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    No regrets: Cayetano says Lopez would have embarrassed Duterte 'in no time'

    "She would have embarrassed the President in no time."

    Senator Alan Peter Cayetano who has opposed the appointment of Gina Lopez as Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary stood firm on his decision, saying Lopez would only have embarrassed President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Cayetano has questioned Lopez's "arbitraries" in terms of her standards on environmental issues during the hearing.
    Photo by ABS-CBN News

    Lopez on Friday wrote a Facebook post in which she countered talks that Cayetano did not vote for her to keep her position because of she maintained mining operations for an Eric Gutierrez who allegedly helped fund the Mar Roxas election campaign.

    "I am a development person – I don't choose on political agendas. That is totally out of my principle. Maybe Sen Cayetano should take a long hard look at himself and reflect why he does the things he does," Lopez wrote.

    In response, Cayetano said that he was dismayed at Lopez "sigling him out", as the post was directed to him.

    "I'm not surprised that Sec Gina and her group will go so low as to cast aspersions on why I voted the way I did and even accuse me of being in the pockets of the mining industry," he said.

    He said it is Lopez's "unwillingness to comply with institutional processes" that make her unfit to be secretary.

    He claimed that Lopez was given enough chances from his part during the interrogation.

    "Unfortunately, the Secretary was adamant in defending her illegal actions. If she had carried on with her mindset, it would have embarrassed the Duterte Administration sooner or later. She would have placed the administration in a predicament that would be hard to defend," he said.

    "Many officials have invoked good intentions when they violated our anti-graft and corruption laws, and President Rodrigo Duterte was left with no choice but to terminate them. Ms Lopez's recent acts already bordered along these lines," he added.

    These words came after the appointment of Lopez Environment Secretary was rejected by the Commission on Appointments.

    The turn-out is believed to be a vote of 16-8 against Lopez in a secret voting.

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