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    Sunday, May 7, 2017

    Netizen: Why is Congress silent on Leni impeachment?

    "Why is Congress silent on the impeachment case against Leni? Are they not acting as our representatives?"

    A netizen on his Facebook account questioned the slow progress in the impeachment complaint filed against Vice President Leni Robredo.

    Rocky Gonzalez said that thee Congress is supposed to rally for the concerns of its constituents.

    He said that the complaint should be considered urgent as it is the "will of the people to impeach Robredo."

    Gonzalez said that the legislative body of the government should be rattled in their cages and be reminded of their sworn duty and make them sign the case once and for all.

    Signatures from 97 of the 293 House members are needed so the case will proceed.

    Congress has 60 days to decide on the complaint.

    Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguire assured the public that the case will continue despite the disapproval of President Rodrigo Duterte who is facing an impeachment complaint himself.

    Robredo was accused of betraying public trust after she criticized Duterte's drug war in a video message played at the “Human Rights Challenge: Responding to Extrajudicial Killings in the Drug War,” a side session at the 60th UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual meeting last March 16 at the Vienna International Center.
    Photo by ABS-CBN News

    Gonzales said that Robredo does not deserve her position.

    "Leni is a fake Vice President (VP) who has looked at us with disdain and spoken ill of us to the international community. She has shamed herself, her people and her country. We can no longer stand back and wait for her to do us further damage while acting as VP," he said.

    "We must ask Congress to sign the impeachment complaint against Leni Robredo and finally serve the people and the country," he added. 

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