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    Monday, May 1, 2017

    Mayor Sara Duterte lambasts NDF: “I maybe a hypocrite to you, but you are stupid to me"

    Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte on Monday, criticized the National Democratic Front after the latter accused her of being a hypocrite for condemning the attacks of the New People's Army on the assets of food companies in Davao City, as her husband Manases Carpio was a legal counsel of Lapaday Foods Corp.

    “I maybe a hypocrite to you, but you are stupid to me and all the peace-loving Dabawenyos. Terrorists and fake organizations do not have the right to talk about social justice. Show me your faces and then maybe I will listen to your rant about social justice," she said.

    Restituto Baguer, spokesperson of Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid-Southern Mindanao Region, said Duterte stood silent when Lapanday's armed men opened fire and wounded nine civilians after the farmers occupied the Lapanday banana plantation in Tagum City in December.

    “We can only expect that a local chief executive who has vested interest in the companies of a landgrabbing comprador-landlord to be the latter’s spokesperson and defender,” Baguer said.

    A minimum of 80 NPA members launched attacks in Davao on Saturday and burned the packing plant of Lapanday Corp.

    The Presidential daughter responded by saying that her husband and her work are separate.

    “In fact, we do not discuss the job that we chose to do, we just commit to sincerely work and earn money for the benefit of our children,” Sara Duterte said in a press statement.
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    “As Mayor tasked with the responsibility of the safety of civilians, the injury of Larry is my injury… On or about 8 o'clock in the morning of April 29, 2017, I was standing in the middle of the trauma room of the Southern Philippines Medical Center praying that the civilian who was injured in the IED blast—courtesy of the terrorist NPA—will not die,” she said.

    "The victim was the very person that you say should be defended from injustice. So when I condemned what the NPA did, I spoke for Larry. But you did not know that, did you? You just assumed when I say personal, it is all about my life. Because that is how you are. You are selfish individuals and you think the world is all about you,” she added.

    She said Davao was her concern, and the events of Kidapawan and Tagum were not.

    “The last time I checked, I am Mayor of Davao. If only you have even the slightest hint of reality, you would know that I never dip my fingers in affairs outside of my area of responsibility," stated Sara Duterte.

    She said the sole purpose of the attacks was to disrupt the peace, economic stability and security in Davao City.

    Source: GMA News
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