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    Saturday, May 20, 2017

    LOOK: Netizen preaches "yellowtards" on a Duterte issue

    One of the many controversies faced by president Rodrigo Duterte was his intention to favor, as ASEAN's current chair, the request of Turkey and Mongolia to join ASEAN.

    The said issue garnered a lot of public attention, many people, particularly the ones against the current Duterte administration criticized the president claiming that geographically speaking, both countries are beyond the ASEAN boundaries.

    Whilst the criticisms, Oscar Picazo, a netizen defended the president's action and preached all so-called "yellowtards" on their ignorance, through a facebook post where he laid certain arguments in favor of the president.

    Picazo emphasized that a lot of countries outside  Southeast Asia had expressed their intentions to join ASEAN.

    "FYI, Sri Lanka (in South Asia) also indicated interest to join ASEAN some years back, but was not allowed to do so. Similarly, Papua New Guinea, geographically straddling eastern Southeast Asia and northern Australia, likewise had indicated interest to join but has not been able to do so," said Picazo.

    However, Picazo cited that some associations or groupings that seems to be geographically bound, like the ASEAN has long favored the request of other countries regardless of geographical restraints. As how Picazo explained, "There is nothing set in stone in politics...even in geopolitics."

    Some of the examples cited by Picazo involve the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which was "originally consisted of 12 Northern Atlantic countries, but now includes more than half a dozen countries in inland central Europe and the Mediterranean, nowhere near the North Atlantic as originally envisioned."

    Picazo also acknowledged Sudan, an African country, being a membership to WHO EMRO which, geographically speaking, an Eastern Mediterranean organization.

    "Sudan, clearly in Africa, is not part of WHO AFRO, but of WHO EMRO. The yellowtards should be able to check clearly in the map that Sudan is miles away from the Mediterranean, nor is their culture Mediterranean," said Picazo.

    Even India, once expressed its intention to join the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) regardless of it being nowhere in the Pacific Rim. As how Picazo put it, "there are some economic and geopolitical reasons why it (India) wants to join APEC."

    Picazo countered "yellowtard's" argument by providing one obvious example of geo-political extension.

    "For years, many Filipinos supported the Philippine statehood movement, which would have joined us to the United States of America, even though geographically, the archipelago is outside the Americas," Picazo said followed by a witty sarcastic question. "Would the US have renamed itself United States of America and Asia? Hahahahaha!" 

    Yellowtard's clamoring, according to Picazo implies that they are pretentious "smart alecks". Filipinos should instead feel proud that countries outside Southeast Asia want to join ASEAN. Picazo even recognize the possibility of ASEAN expansion in the future.

    "...who knows, ASEAN may expand in the future through appropriate amendment of its charter? You (still referring to yellowtards) smart alecks, obviously have very limited imagination. Kawawa naman kayo," said Picazo satirically.

    In the end, Picazo posed a sarcastic question towards PNoy loyalists. 

    "...ano naman ang sasabihin mo sa heads of state na gustong mag-join sa asosyason mo? Sesermonan mo ba ng elementary level geography habang binibigyan sila ng mapa? Or would you smile, extend your hand, and get them into a huddle on the future of geopolitics?"

    The gist of Picazo's argument revolves around the idea that geopolitics is unrestrained by geographic boundaries. It is a country's decision whether or not it would subject itself to a particular association. If this happens, it is the responsibility of the chairman, like Duterte, to warmly welcome the intent.

    Source: Oscar Picazo | Facebook
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